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Person: G.W. Krantz
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G.W. Krantz (Gerald William)


Krantz, G.W., 1978. A Manual of Acarology. Second Edition. Oregon State University Book Stores, Inc., Corvallis, Oregon. Second Printing (emended 1986): [i]-vii, [1]-509.
Krantz, G.W. & Walter, D.E. (eds.), 2009. A Manual of Acarology. 3rd Edition. Texas Tech University Press, Lubbock: 807 pp.. [Online]


Cross, E.A. & Krantz, G.W., 1964. Two new species of the genus Acarophenax Newstead and Duvall 1918 (Acarina: Pyemotidae). Acarologia 6 (2): 287-295.
Krantz, G.W., 1970. Agauopsis vidae, a new species of Halacaridae (Acari: Prostigmata) from the northern Adriatic Sea, with notes on its behavior. Archiv. Oceanogr. Limnol. 16(3): 247-261.


Lindquist, E.E., Krantz, G.W. & Walter, D.E., 2009. Chapter 8. Classification. In G.W. Krantz & D.E. Walter (eds.), A Manual of Acarology, 3rd Edition. Texas Tech University Press, Lubbock: 97-103.
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