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1 Feb 2024

2 Jun 2023

  • Person Details page:
    • Show links to external websites, e.g. IPNI, ORCID, Wikipedia.

4 Aug 2022

  • Search (Quick, Advanced) and Taxon (Nomenclature - Links) pages:
    • Unverified names: All names in the database can now be searched, including the majority of names that are not verified yet.
      Unverified names are not displayed on the Taxon (Hierarchy) page, and the "Concise hierarchy" on the Taxon (Taxonomy) page may be incorrect.
  • Taxon (Hierarchy) page:
    • View Cladification now shows the clade types for all clades in the hierarchy (if present).
    • Show/Hide Siblings shows/hides the sibling nodes (e.g. sister taxa) of the selected node in the hierarchy.
    • Show References now shows secondary references used for topology and/or consensus.

9 Feb 2022

  • Reference Details and Person Details pages:
    • Go to source ("≡") shows the original publication (example).
  • Taxon (Nomenclature) page:
    • Go to page ("≡") shows the corresponding page in the original publication (example).

28 Feb 2021

29 Nov 2020

28 Sep 2020


Known bugs

  • The "Show Tree" functionality of Parameters in Advanced Search does not show the selected node in the tree.
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