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Reference: C.E. Santibáñez-López et al., 2020. Invert. Syst. 34
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Santibáñez-López, C.E., Ojanguren-Affilastro, A.A. & Sharma, P.P. 2020. Another one bites the dust: taxonomic sampling of a key genus in phylogenomic datasets reveals more non-monophyletic groups in traditional scorpion classification. Invert. Syst. 34: 133-143. [Online: 31 Mar 2020] [Online]

New Names and Combinations: Subsequent rank (orig. spell.)

Caraboctonoidea (Superfamily) Kraepelin, 1905Page: 139 ("Kraepelin, 1905"); abstract ("new rank"), 138 ("new superfamily assignment").
Hadruridae (Family) Stahnke, 1974Page: 142 ("Stahnke, 1974"); abstract ("new status"), 141 ("new status").
Hadruroidea (Superfamily) Stahnke, 1974Page: 141 ("Stahnke, 1974", "new taxon"); abstract ("new rank").

New Names and Combinations: Subsequent spelling

Superstitionioidea (Superfamily) Stahnke, 1940Page: 139 ("Stanhke, 1940" [sic]). [pro syn.].

Original Classification (root)

(Order) Scorpiones Koch, 1837

Original Classification (new rank)

(Superfamily) Caraboctonoidea Kraepelin, 1905
(Superfamily) Hadruroidea Stahnke, 1974
(Family) Hadruridae Stahnke, 1974

Original Classification (new position)

(Family) Caraboctonidae Kraepelin, 1905
(Family) Superstitioniidae Stanhke, 1940
(Genus) Hadrurus Thorell, 1876
(Genus) Hoffmannihadrurus Fet & Soleglad, 2004

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