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Reference: M.S. Harvey et al., 2020. Invert. Syst. 34
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Harvey, M.S., Hillyer, M.J., Carvajal, J.I. & Huey, J.A. 2020. Supralittoral pseudoscorpions of the genus Garypus (Pseudoscorpiones : Garypidae) from the Indo-West Pacific region, with a review of the subfamily classification of Garypidae. Invert. Syst. 34: 34-87. [Online: 10 Feb 2020] [Online]

New Names and Combinations: Original name, rank & spelling

Anchigarypus (Genus) Harvey, 2020Page: 45 ("Harvey, gen. nov" [sic]).

New Names and Combinations: Original name, rank, combination & spelling

Garypus dissitus (Species) Harvey, 2020Page: 47 ("Harvey, sp. nov."), figs. 27-39.
Garypus latens (Species) Harvey, 2020Page: 54 ("Harvey, sp. nov" [sic]), figs. 61-74.
Garypus malgaryungu (Species) Harvey, 2020Page: 61 ("Harvey, sp. nov."), figs. 97-111.
Garypus necopinus (Species) Harvey, 2020Page: 64 ("Harvey, sp. nov."), figs. 112-125.
Garypus postlei (Species) Harvey, 2020Page: 71 ("Harvey, sp. nov" [sic]), figs. 150-164.
Garypus ranalliorum (Species) Harvey, 2020Page: 73 ("Harvey, sp. nov."), figs. 165-176.
Garypus reong (Species) Harvey, 2020Page: 76 ("Harvey, sp. nov" [sic]), figs. 177-188.
Garypus weipa (Species) Harvey, 2020Page: 78 ("Harvey, sp. nov" [sic]), figs. 189-200.
Garypus yeni (Species) Harvey, 2020Page: 80 ("Harvey, sp. nov" [sic]), figs. 201-209.

New Names and Combinations: Subsequent rank (orig. spell.)

Synsphyroninae (Subfamily) Beier, 1932Page: 46 ("Beier, stat. nov" [sic]).

New Names and Combinations: Subsequent generic combination (orig. spell.)

Anchigarypus californicus (Species) (Banks, 1909)Page: 46 ("(Banks, 1909), comb. nov.").
Anchigarypus guadalupensis (Species) (Chamberlin, 1930)Page: 46 ("(Chamberlin, 1930), comb. nov.").
Anchigarypus japonicus (Species) (Beier, 1952)Page: 46 ("(Beier, 1952), comb. nov."), 84 ("(Beier), comb. nov."), figs. 213-217.

New Names and Combinations: Subsequent rank within genus (orig. comb. & spell.)

Garypus realini (Species) Hummelinck, 1948Page: 44 ("stat. nov.").

Original Classification (root)

(Family) Garypidae Simon, 1879

Original Classification (new taxon)

Garypus dissitus Harvey, sp. nov.
Garypus latens Harvey, sp. nov
Garypus malgaryungu Harvey, sp. nov.
Garypus necopinus Harvey, sp. nov.
Garypus postlei Harvey, sp. nov
Garypus ranalliorum Harvey, sp. nov.
Garypus reong Harvey, sp. nov.
Garypus weipa Harvey, sp. nov
Garypus yeni Harvey, sp. nov

Original Classification (new rank)

(Subfamily) Synsphyroninae Beier, stat. nov
Garypus realini Hummelinck, 1948

Original Classification (new combination)

Anchigarypus californicus (Banks, 1909), comb. nov.
Anchigarypus guadalupensis (Chamberlin, 1930), comb. nov.
Anchigarypus japonicus (Beier, 1952), comb. nov.

Original Classification (new position)

(Genus) Ammogarypus Beier, 1962
(Genus) Anagarypus Chamberlin, 1930
(Genus) Elattogarypus Beier, 1964
(Genus) Eremogarypus Beier, 1955
(Genus) Meiogarypus Beier, 1955
(Genus) Neogarypus Vachon, 1937
(Genus) Paragarypus Vachon, 1937
(Genus) Synsphyronus Chamberlin, 1930
(Genus) Thaumastogarypus Beier, 1947

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