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Reference: C.E. Santibáñez-López et al., 2019. Mol. Phyl. Evol. 135
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Santibáñez-López, C.E., González-Santillán, E., Monod, L. & Sharma, P.P. 2019. Phylogenomics facilitates stable scorpion systematics: Reassessing the relationships of Vaejovidae and a new higher-level classification of Scorpiones (Arachnida). Mol. Phyl. Evol. 135: 22-30.

New Names and Combinations: Subsequent rank (orig. spell.)

Stahnkeninae (Subfamily) Soleglad & Fet, 2006, orth. inval.Page: table 4 (p. 29: "Soleglad & Fet 2008").
Superstitionoidea (Superfamily) Stahnke, 1940, orth. inval.Page: 29 ("new superfamily"), table 4 (p. 29: "new superfamilial rank").

Original Classification (root)

(Order) Scorpiones Koch, 1837

Original Classification (new rank)

(Superfamily) Superstitionoidea Stahnke 1940 new superfamilial rank

Original Classification (new position)

(Family) Superstitioniidae Stahnke 1940 new superfamilial assignment

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