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Reference: N.N. Wijayawardene et al., 2017. Mycosphere 8 (9)
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Wijayawardene, N.N., Hyde, K.D., Tibpromma, S., Wanasinghe, D.N., Thambugala, K.M., Tian, Q., Wang, Y. & Fu, L. 2017. Towards incorporating asexual fungi in a natural classification: checklist and notes 2012-2016. Mycosphere 8 (9), 18 Oct 2017: 1457-1555. [Online]

New Names and Combinations: Subsequent spelling

Bartheletica (Genus) Wijayaw., K.D. Hyde, Tibpromma, Wanas., Thambug., Qing Tian, Yong Wang bis & Li Fu (2017), orth. inval.Page: 1508 ("G. Arnaud 2008").

Original Classification (root)

(Kingdom) Fungi R.T. Moore (1980)

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