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Reference: M.L.I. Judson, 2017. Zootaxa 4258 (1)
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Judson, M.L.I. 2017. A new subfamily of Feaellidae (Arachnida, Chelonethi, Feaelloidea) from Southeast Asia. Zootaxa 4258 (1): 1-33. [Online]

New Names and Combinations: Original name, rank & spelling

Cybella (Genus) Judson, 2017Page: 5 ("n. gen.").
Cybellinae (Subfamily) Judson, 2017Page: 4 ("n. subfam.").

New Names and Combinations: Original name, rank, combination & spelling

Cybella bedosae (Species) Judson, 2017Page: 14 ("n. sp."), figs. 48, 50-87.
Cybella deharvengi (Species) Judson, 2017Page: 5 ("n. sp."), figs. 2-47.

New Names and Combinations: Emended diagnosis (emend.)

Feaellidae (Family) Ellingsen, 1906Page: 3 ("Diagnosis of total-group [Protofeaella + Feaellinae + Cybellinae]").
Feaellidae (Family) Ellingsen, 1906Page: 3-4 ("Diagnosis of crown-group [Feaellinae + Cybellinae]").
Protofeaella (Genus) Henderickx, 2016Page: 21 ("Revised diagnosis").
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