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Person: R.I. Pocock
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R.I. Pocock (Reginald Innes)

Series volumes

Pocock, R.I., 1939. Mammalia. Vol. I. Primates and Carnivora (in part), Families Felidæ and Viverridæ. Second Edition. In R.B.S. Sewell (ed.), Fauna Brit. India. Taylor and Francis, London, 31 Mar 1939: [i]-xxxiii, [1]-463, 31 pls., map, 106 text-figs..
Pocock, R.I., 1941. Mammalia. Vol. II. Carnivora, Suborders Æluroidea and Arctoidea. Second Edition. Fauna Brit. India. Taylor and Francis, London, 15 Sep 1941: [i]-xii, [1]-503, 1-[6], 12 pls., map, text-figs..


Pocock, R.I., 1902. A new and annectant type of chilopod (Craterostigmus). Quart. J. Microsc. Sci. 45.
Pocock, R.I., 1908. Report upon a Small Collection of Mammalia brought from Liberia by Mr. Leonard Leighton. Proc. Zool. Soc. London 1907, May 1908: 1037-1046, pl. LIV.
Pocock, R.I., 1939. The Races of Jaguar (Panthera onca). Novit. Zool. 41 (4), 31 Oct 1939: 406-422, 5 text-figs..
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