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Person: A. Dubois
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A. Dubois (Alain)


Dubois, A. & Bour, R., 2010. The nomenclatural status of the nomina of amphibians and reptiles created by Garsault (1764), with a parsimonious solution to an old nomenclatural problem regarding the genus Bufo (Amphibia, Anura), comments on the taxonomy of this genus, and comments on some nomina created by Laurenti (1768). Zootaxa 2447: 1-52.
Dubois, A. & Bour, R., 2010. The distinction between family-series and class-series nomina in zoological nomenclature, with emphasis on the nomina created by Batsch (1788, 1789) and on the higher nomenclature of turtles. Bonn zoological Bulletin 57 (2), Nov 2010: 149-171.
Dubois, A. & Raffaëlli, J., 2012. A new ergotaxonomy of the order Urodela Duméril, 1805 (Amphibia, Batrachia). Alytes 28 (3-4), Oct 2012: 77-161.
Dubois, A., Ohler, A. & Pyron, R.A., 2021. New concepts and methods for phylogenetic taxonomy and nomenclature in zoology, exemplified by a new ranked cladonomy of recent amphibians (Lissamphibia). Megataxa 5 (1), 26 Feb 2021: 1-738.
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