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Person: A. Marques
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A. Marques


Pampoulie, C., Marques, A., Rosecchi, E., Crivelli, A.J. & Bouchereau, J.-L., 1999. A new myxosporean parasite, Kudoa camarguensis n. sp., recorded on two goby species (Teleostei: Pisces) in the Rhone Delta (Mediterranean Sea, France). J. Eukaryot. Microbiol. 46 (3): 304-310.


Kent, M.L., Moser, M., Marques, A. & Lom, J., 2000. Phylum Myxozoa. In Lee, J.J., Leedale, G.F. & Bradbury, P., An Illustrated Guide to the Protozoa, Second Edition, vol. 1. Society of Protozoologists, Lawrence, Kansas, U.S.A.: 127-148.
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