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Person: K.M. Halanych
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K.M. Halanych (Kenneth)


Halanych, K.M., Bacheller, J.D., Aguinaldo, A.M.A., Liva, S.M., Hillis, D.M. & Lake, J.A., 1995. Evidence from 18S Ribosomal DNA that the lophophorates are protostome animals. Science 267: 1641-1643.
Halanych, K.M., 1995. The Phylogenetic Position of the Pterobranch Hemichordates Based on 18S rDNA Sequence Data. Mol. Phyl. Evol. 4 (1), Mar 1995: 72-76.
Halanych, K.M., 2004. The New View of Animal Phylogeny. Annu. Rev. Ecol. Evol. Syst. 35: 229–256. [Online]
Kocot, K.M., Cannon, J.T., Todt, C., Citarella, M.R., Kohn, A.B., Meyer, A., Santos, S.R., Schander, C., Moroz, L.L., Lieb, B. & Halanych, K.M., 2011. Phylogenomics reveals deep molluscan relationships. Nature 477 (7365), 22 Sep 2011: 452–456. [Online: 4 Sep 2011] [Online]


Haszprunar, G., Schander, C. & Halanych, K.M., 2008. Relationships of Higher Molluscan Taxa. In W.F. Ponder & D.R. Lindberg, Phylogeny and Evolution of the Mollusca. University of California Press, Berkeley and Los Angeles, California, Mar 2008: 19-32.
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