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Person: J. Freyhof
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J. Freyhof (Jörg)


Freyhof, J. & Naseka, A.M., 2005. Gobio delyamurei, a new gudgeon from Crimea, Ukraine (Teleostei: Cyprinidae). Ichthyol. Explor. Freshwaters 16 (4), Dec 2005: 331-338, 4 figs., 1 tab..
Slechtova, V., Bohlen, J., Freyhof, J. & Rab, P., 2006. Molecular phylogeny of the Southeast Asian freshwater fish family Botiidae (Teleostei: Cobitoidea) and the origin of polyploidy in their evolution. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 39: 529-541.
Freyhof, J. & Geiger, M.F., 2021. Oxynoemacheilus shehabi, a new nemacheilid loach from the upper Orontes in southern Syria (Teleostei: Nemacheilidae). Zootaxa 4908 (4): 571-583.
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