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Person: S.E. Carpenter
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S.E. Carpenter (Steven)


Korf, R.P. & Carpenter, S.E., 1974. Bisporella, a generic name for Helotium citrinum and its allies and the generic names Calycella and Calycina. Mycotaxon 1: 51-62.
Carpenter, S.E., 1975. Bisporella discedens and its Cystodendron state. Mycotaxon 2: 123-126.
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Carpenter, S.E., 1988. Ambrodiscus, a new genus of Discomycetes from ambrosia beetle galleries. Mycologia 80 (3): 330-338.
Carpenter, S.E., 1988. Leotiales, a name to replace Helotiales. Mycologia 80 (1): 127-131.
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Harmon, M.E., Sexton, J., Caldwell, B.A. & Carpenter, S.E., 1994. Fungal Sporocarp Mediated Losses of Ca, Fe, Mg, Mn, N,P, and Zn from Conifer Logs in the Early Stages of Decomposition. Canad. J. Forest Res. 24: 1883-1893.
Levetin, E., Horner, W.E., Carpenter, S. & McGinnis, M., 2002. A Mycologist's Guide to Indoor Mold Investigation. Inoculum 53(6): 1-5.
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