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Person: A.H. Scheltema
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A.H. Scheltema (Amélie)


Scheltema, A.H. & Kuzirian, A.M., 1991. Helicoradomenia juani gen. et sp. nov., a Pacific hydrothermal vent Aplacophora (Mollusca: Neomeniomorpha). Veliger 34: 195-203.
Scheltema, A.H., 1999a. Two solenogaster molluscs, Ocheyoherpia trachia n. sp. from Macquarie Island and Tegulaherpia tasmanica Salvini-Plawen from Bass Strait (Aplacophora, Neomeniomorpha). Rec. Aust. Mus. 51: 23-31.
Scheltema, A.H., 1999b. New eastern Atlantic neomenioid aplacophoran molluscs. Ophelia 51(1): 1-28.
Scheltema, A.H. & Schander, C., 2000. Discrimination and Phylogeny of Solenogaster Species Through the Morphology of Hard Parts (Mollusca, Aplacophora, Neomeniomorpha). Biol. Bull. 198, Feb 2000: 121-151.
Scheltema, A.H. & Ivanov, D.L., 2000. Prochaetodermatidae of the eastern Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea (Mollusca: Aplacophora). J. Moll. Stud. 66 (3), Aug 2000: 313-362.
Ivanov, D.L. & Scheltema, A.H., 2002. Prochaetodermatidae of the Indian Ocean collected during Soviet VITYAZ cruises 1959-1964 (Mollusca : Aplacophora). Molluscan Research 22(2): 183-202.
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