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Person: J.R. Stringer
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J.R. Stringer (James)


Stringer, J.R., 1996. Pneumocystis carinii: What Is It, Exactly? Clinical Microbiology Reviews 9(4), Oct 1996: 489-498.
Cushion, M.T., Keely, S. & Stringer, J.R., 2004. Molecular and phenotypic description of Pneumocystis wakefieldiae sp.nov., a new species in rats. Mycologia 96: 429-438.
Keely, S.P., Fischer, J.M., Cushion, M.T. & Stringer, J.R., 2004. Phylogenetic identification of Pneumocystis murina sp. nov., a new species in laboratory mice. Microbiology 150: 1153-1165.
Dei-Cas, E., Chabé, M., Moukhlis, R., Durand-Joly, I., Aliouat, E.M., Stringer, J.R., Cushion, M., Noël, C., de Hoog, G.S., Guillot, J. & Viscogliosi, E., 2006. Pneumocystis oryctolagi sp. nov., an uncultured fungus causing pneumonia in rabbits at weaning: review of current knowledge, and description of a new taxon on genotypic, phylogenetic and phenotypic bases. FEMS Microbiol. Rev. 30: 853-871.
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