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Person: K.D. Rose
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K.D. Rose (Kenneth [David])
Born: 1949

Series volumes

Rose, K.D., 1981. The Clarkforkian Land-Mammal Age and Mammalian Faunal Composition Across the Paleocene-Eocene Boundary. Univ. Michigan Pap. Paleont. (no. 26): 1-197.


Rose, K.D. & Archibald, J.D. (eds.), 2005. The Rise of Placental Mammals. The Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore and London.
Rose, K.D., 2006. The Beginning of the Age of Mammals. The Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore: [i]-xiv, 1-428.


Gould, F.D.H. & Rose, K.D., 2014. Gnathic and Postcranial Skeleton of the Largest Known Arctocyonid 'Condylarth' Arctocyon mumak (Mammalia, Procreodi) and Ecomorphological Diversity in Procreodi. J. Vert. Paleontol. 34 (5), Sep 2014: 1180-1202.


Rose, K.D., Emry, R.J., Gaudin, T.J. & Storch, G., 2005. Xenarthra and Pholidota. In K.D. Rose & J.D. Archibald (eds.), The Rise of Placental Mammals: 106.
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