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Person: D.S. Jordan
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D.S. Jordan (David Starr)

Journal issues

Jordan, D.S. & Evermann, B.W., 1896. The Fishes of North and Middle America: Descriptive catalogue of the species of fish-like vertebrates found in the waters of North America, north of the Isthmus of Panama, Part I. Bulletin of the United States National Museum, No. 47: [I]-LX, 1-1240.

Multi-volume works

Jordan, D.S., 1917-1920. The genera of fishes. Stanford University, University Series: 4 parts, 576 pp..


Jordan, D.S., 1923. A Classification of Fishes. Stanford University Publications, University Series, Biological Sciences, vol. III, no. 2, (15 Jan) 1923: [77]-243, i-x.
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