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Person: Z.-Q. Zhang
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Z.-Q. Zhang (Zhi-Qiang)

Journal issues

Zhang, Z.-Q. & Shear, W.A. (eds.), 2007. Linnaeus Tercentenary: Progress in Invertebrate Taxonomy.. Zootaxa 1668, 21 Dec 2007: 1-766. [Online]
Zhang, Z.-Q. (ed.), 2011. Animal biodiversity. Zootaxa 3148, 23 Dec 2011: 1-237. [Online]
Zhang, Z.-Q. (ed.), 2013. Animal Biodiversity. Zootaxa 3703 (1), 30 Aug 2013: 1–82. [Online]


Zhang, Z.-Q. & Goldarazena, A., 1996. Abrolophus and Grandjeanella larvae (Acari: Erythraeidae) ectoparasitic on thrips (Thysanoptera: Thripidae). Systematic & Applied Acarology 1: 127-144.
Goldarazena, A. & Zhang, Z.-Q., 1997. First record of larval Grandjeanella (Acari: Erythraeidae) from Heteroptera and description of a new species from Spain. Systematic & Applied Acarology 2: 231-236.
Goldarazena, A. & Zhang, Z.-Q., 1998. New Erythraeus larvae (Acari: Erythraeidae) ectoparasitic on Aphidoidea (Homoptera) and Anthocoridae (Heteroptera). Systematic & Applied Acarology 3: 149-158.
Goldarazena, A., Zhang, Z.-Q. & Jordana, R., 2000. A new species and a new record of ectoparasitic mites from thrips in Turkey (Acari: Trombidiidae and Erythraeidae). Systematic Parasitology 45: 75-80.
Walter, D.E., Bolton, S., Uusitalo, M. & Zhang, Z.-Q., 2011. Suborder Endeostigmata Reuter, 1909. In Z.-Q. Zhang (ed.), Animal biodiversity. Zootaxa 3148, 23 Dec 2011: 139-140. [Online]
Zhang, Z.-Q., Fan, Q.-H., Pesic, V., Smit, H., Bochkov, A.V., Khaustov, A.A., Baker, A., Wohltmann, A., Wen, T., Amrine, J.W., Beron, P., Lin, J., Gabrys, G. & Husband, R., 2011. Order Trombidiformes Reuter, 1909. In Z.-Q. Zhang (ed.), Animal biodiversity. Zootaxa 3148, 23 Dec 2011: 129-138. [Online]


Sirvid, P.J., Zhang, Z.-Q., Harvey, M.S., Rhode, B.E., Cook, D.R., Bartsch, I. & Staples, D.A., 2010. Phylum Arthropoda, Chelicerata: horseshoe crabs, arachnids, sea spiders. New Zealand Inventory of Biodiversity. Canterbury University Press: 50-89.
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