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Person: F. Solé
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F. Solé (Floréal)


Solé, F., Smith, R., Coillot, T., de Bast, E. & Smith, T., 2014. Dental and Tarsal Anatomy of 'Miacis' latouri and a Phylogenetic Analysis of the Earliest Carnivoraforms (Mammalia, Carnivoramorpha). J. Vert. Paleont. 34 (1), Jan 2014: 1-21.
Solé, F., Amson, E., Borths, M., Vidalenc, D., Morlo, M. & Bastl, K., 2015. A New Large Hyainailourine from the Bartonian of Europe and Its Bearings on the Evolution and Ecology of Massive Hyaenodonts (Mammalia). PLoS ONE 10 (9) e0135698, 23 Sep 2015: 1-55.
Solé, F. & Mennecart, B., 2019. A large hyaenodont from the Lutetian of Switzerland expands the body mass range of the European mammalian predators during the Eocene. Acta Palaeontol. Pol. 64 (2): 275-290.
Solé, F., Marandat, B. & Lihoreau, F., 2020. The hyaenodonts (Mammalia) from the French locality of Aumelas (Hérault), with possible new representatives from the late Ypresian. In L. de Bonis & L. Werdelin (eds), Memorial to Stéphane Peigné: Carnivores (Hyaenodonta and Carnivora) of the Cenozoic. Geodiversitas 42 (13), 4 Jun 220: 185-214.
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