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Person: M.R. Borths
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M.R. Borths (Matthew)


Solé, F., Amson, E., Borths, M., Vidalenc, D., Morlo, M. & Bastl, K., 2015. A New Large Hyainailourine from the Bartonian of Europe and Its Bearings on the Evolution and Ecology of Massive Hyaenodonts (Mammalia). PLoS ONE 10 (9) e0135698, 23 Sep 2015: 1-55.
Borths, M.R., Holroyd, P.A. & Seiffert, E.R., 2016. Hyainailourine and teratodontine cranial material from the late Eocene of Egypt and the application of parsimony and Bayesian methods to the phylogeny and biogeography of Hyaenodonta (Placentalia, Mammalia). PeerJ 4: e2639, 10 Nov 2016: [1]-87.
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