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Person: M.S. Springer
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M.S. Springer (Mark)


Rowe, T., Rich, T.H., Vickers-Rich, P., Springer, M. & Woodburne, M.O., 2008. The oldest platypus and its bearing on divergence timing of the platypus and echidna clades. PNAS 105 (4), 29 Jan 2008: 1238–1242.


Springer, M.S., Murphy, W.J., Eizirik, E., Madsen, O., Scally, M., Douady, C.J., Teeling, E.C., Stanhope, M.J., de Jong, W.W. & O'Brien, S.J., 2007. A Molecular Classification for the Living Orders of Placental Mammals and the Phylogenetic Placement of Primates. In M.J. Ravosa & M. Dagosto (eds.), Primate Origins: 1-28.
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