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Reference: S.J. Brands (ed.), 1989-present
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Brands, S.J. 1989-present. Systema Naturae 2000. The Taxonomicon. Universal Taxonomic Services, Zwaag, The Netherlands. [Online: 17 Sep 2000] [Online]

New Names and Combinations: Original name, rank & spelling

Pseudostanjehughesia (Genus) Jing Yang & K.D. Hyde (2017)Page: Yang, J. & Hyde, K.D. 2018[2017]. In Yang, Maharachchikumbura, Liu, Hyde, Jones, Al-Sadi & Liu, Mycol. Progr. 17 (5): 609 ("J. Yang & K.D. Hyde, gen. nov.").

Original Classification (root)

([unranked]) entities (concrete objects and abstract classes)

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