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Reference: R.E.H. Reid, 2004e
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Reid, R.E.H. 2004e. Mesozoic and Cenozoic Hexactinellid Sponges: Lyssacinosa and Hexactinosa. In R.M. Finks, R.E.H. Reid & J.K. Rigby, Volume 3: Porifera (Demospongea, Hexactinellida, Heteractinida, Calcarea). In R.L. Kaesler (ed.), Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology, Part E, Porifera (Revised). The Geological Society of America, Inc. and The University of Kansas, Boulder, Colorado, and Lawrence, Kansas: 449-512.

New: Original name, rank & spelling

Cystispongiidae (Family) Reid, 2004Page: 507 ("new family", "Reid, herein").
Placotrematinae (Subfamily) Reid, 2004Page: 504 ("new subfamily", "Reid, herein").
Pseudobecksiinae (Subfamily) Reid, 2004Page: 472 ("new subfamily", "Reid, herein").

New: Subsequent rank (orig. spell.)

Caseariinae (Subfamily) Schrammen, 1936Page: 486 ("Schrammen, 1937", "nom. transl. Reid, herein").
Craticulariinae (Subfamily) Rauff, 1893Page: 477 ("Rauff, 1893", "nom. transl. Reid, herein").
Tretodictyinae (Subfamily) Schulze, 1886Page: 501 ("Schulze, 1887", "nom. transl. Reid, herein").

New: Subsequent spelling

Asemematidae (Family) Reid, 2004Page: 456; 6. ("Schulze, 1887a, p. 113").
Asemematinae (Subfamily) Reid, 2004Page: 456; 6. ("Schulze, 1887").

New: Isonym: name, rank & spelling

Euplectellinae (Subfamily) Gray, 1867Page: 451 ("new subfamily", "Reid, herein").
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