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Reference: I.V. Volvenko et al., 2020
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Volvenko, I.V., Gebruk, A.V., Katugin, O.N., Ogorodnikova, A.A., Vinogradov, G.M., Maznikova, O.A. & Orlov, A.M. 2020. Supplementary material to the paper "Commercial value of trawl macrofauna of the North Pacific and adjacent seas". Environ. Rev. 28 (3), (20 Feb) 2020: 1-48. [er-2019-0073suppla.docx]

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Beringius frieley (Species) Volvenko, Gebruk, Katugin, Ogorodnikova, Vinogradov, Maznikova & Orlov, 2020, orth. inval.Page: 8.
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