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Reference: A. Takhtajan, 1997
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Takhtajan, A. 1997. Diversity and Classification of Flowering Plants. Columbia University Press, New York, [24 Apr] 1997.

New: Original name

Anisophylleales (Order) Takht. (1997)Page: 278.
Cardiopteridales (Order) Takht. (1997)Page: 352-353.
Centrolepidales (Order) R. Dahlgren ex Takht. (1997)Page: 553.
Chrysobalanales (Order) Takht. (1997), nom. inval.Page: 277.
Circaeasterales (Order) Takht. (1997)Page: 97.

New: Original name, rank & spelling

Metteniusales (Order) A. Takhtajan (1997)Page: 352 ("Takhtajan, ordo et stat. nov.").
Petrosaviales (Order) Takht. (1997)Page: 577.

New: Subsequent rank

Aridae (Subclass) Takht. (1997)Page: 579.
Barbeyanae (Superorder) Takht. (1997)Page: 139.
Casuarinanae (Superorder) Takht. (1997)Page: 151.
Ceratophyllanae (Superorder) Takht. (1997)Page: 80.
Daphniphyllanae (Superorder) Takht. (1997)Page: 140.
Dioscoreanae (Superorder) Takht. (1997)Page: 517.
Dipsacanae (Superorder) Takht. (1997)Page: 396.
Elaeocarpales (Order) (Engl., 1898) Takhtajan (1997)Page: 226.
Euthemidoideae (Subfamily) (Planchon, in Hooker, 1846) A. Takhtajan (1997)Page: 173.
Faganae (Superorder) Takht. (1997)Page: 146.
Flagellariales (Order) (Engl., 1898) Takhtajan (1997)Page: 550.
Geranianae (Superorder) Takht. (1997)Page: 319.
Lactoridanae (Superorder) Takht. (1997)Page: 48.
Lauranae (Superorder) Takht. (1997)Page: 53.
Lowiales (Order) (W.J. Kress, 1990) Takhtajan (1997)Page: 536.
Menyanthales (Order) (Endlicher, 1838) T. Yamazaki ex A. Takhtajan (1997)Page: 415.
Nelumbonidae (Subclass) Takht. (1997)Page: 83.
Nymphaeidae (Subclass) J.W. Walker ex Takht. (1997)Page: 74.
Oleanae (Superorder) Takht. (1997)Page: 449.
Ostrowskioideae (Subfamily) (An. Fedorov) A. Takhtajan (1997)Page: 408.
Poanae (Superorder) Takht. (1997)Page: 550.
Rhizophoranae (Superorder) Takht. (1997)Page: 278.
Sabiales (Order) (Engl., 1898) A. Takhtajan (1997)Page: 304.
Tricyrtidaceae (Family) (Krause) Takhtajan (1997), nom. cons.Page: 482.

New: Subsequent rank (orig. spell.)

Buxanae (Superorder) Takht. (1997)Page: 142 ("Takhtajan, superordo et stat. nov.").
Myrothamnanae (Superorder) Takht. (1997)Page: 134 ("Takhtajan, superordo et stat. nov.").

New: Subsequent spelling

Zygophyllales (Order) Link (1829)Page: 329 ("Takhtajan, ordo et stat. nov.").

Original Classification (root)

(Phylum) Magnoliophyta Cronquist, Takht. & Zimmerm. ex Reveal (1996)

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