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Reference: S. Tomiya et al., 2021. J. Paleont. 95 (S82)
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Tomiya, S., Zack, S.P., Spaulding, M. & Flynn, J.J. 2021. Carnivorous mammals from the middle Eocene Washakie Formation, Wyoming, USA, and their diversity trajectory in a post-warming world. J. Paleont. 95 (S82), Mar 2021: [1]-115. [Online: 25 Mar 2021]


ZooBank registration number:

New: Original name, rank, combination & spelling

Neovulpavus mccarrolli (Species) Tomiya, Zack, Spaulding & Flynn, 2021Page: 67 ("new species"), figs. 34, 35.1-35.5, 36-38.

New: Subsequent rank (orig. spell.)

Lycarion (Genus) Matthew, 1909Page: 52 ("(Matthew, 1909) new genus").

New: Subsequent generic combination (orig. spell.)

Lycarion medius (Species) (Matthew, 1909)Page: 52 ("(Matthew, 1909)"), figs. 26, 27.1, 27.2, 28.1-28.3, 28.5-28.8.
Sinopa longipes (Species) (Peterson, 1919)Page: 21 ("(Peterson, 1919) new combination").
Sinopa piercei (Species) (Bown, 1982)Page: 21 ("(Bown, 1982) new combination"), 22 ("n. comb.").

New: Emended diagnosis (emend.)

Harpalodon sylvestris (Species) Marsh, 1872Page: 80 ("Emended diagnosis").
Limnocyon potens (Species) Matthew, 1909Page: 37 ("Emended diagnosis").
Lycarion medius (Species) (Matthew, 1909)Page: 52 ("Emended diagnosis").
Neovulpavus (Genus) Wortman, 1901Page: 59 ("Emended diagnosis").
Neovulpavus washakius (Species) Wortman, 1901Page: 59 ("Emended diagnosis").
Sinopa (Genus) Leidy, 1871Page: 21-22 ("Emended diagnosis (modified from Morlo et al., 2014)").
Sinopa major (Species) Wortman, 1902Page: 28 ("Emended diagnosis").
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