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Reference: L.C. Gaetano & G.W. Rougier, 2011. J. Vert. Paleontol. 31 (4)
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Gaetano, L.C. & Rougier, G.W. 2011. New Materials of Argentoconodon fariasorum (Mammaliaformes, Triconodontidae) from the Jurassic of Argentina and its bearing on Triconodont Phylogeny. J. Vert. Paleontol. 31 (4), Jul 2011: 829-843.

New: Original clade name & spelling

Amphilestheria (Clade) Gaetano & Rougier 2011Page: 840 ("clade ... nov.").
Volaticotherini (Clade) Gaetano & Rougier 2011Page: 839.

New: Subsequent rank (orig. spell.)

Volaticotherini (Tribe) Meng, Hu, Wang, Wang & Li, 2006Page: 832 ("Meng, Hu, Wang, Wang, and Li, 2006 (as family Volaticotheridae Meng, Hu, Wang,Wang, and Li, 2006)").

New: Original definition [PhyloCode]

Amphilestheria (Clade) Gaetano & Rougier 2011Page: 840 ("we define").
Volaticotherini (Clade) Gaetano & Rougier 2011Page: 839 ("defined here").

New: Emended diagnosis (emend.)

Argentoconodon fariasorum (Species) Rougier et al., 2007Page: 832 ("Emended Diagnosis").
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