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Reference: L. Margulis & K.V. Schwartz, 1982
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Margulis, L. & Schwartz, K.V. 1982. Five Kingdoms. An Illustrated Guide to the Phyla of Life on Earth. W.H.Freeman, San Francisco.



New: Original name, rank & spelling

Acantharia (Genus) Margulis & Schwartz, 1982, nom. nud.Page: 104.

New: Subsequent rank

Chrysomonadales (Class)Page: 78.
Chrysosphaerales (Class)Page: 78.
Chrysotrichales (Class)Page: 78.
Heterocapsineae (Order)Page: 90.
Heterochloridales (Class)Page: 90.
Heterochlorineae (Order)Page: 90.
Heterococcales (Class)Page: 90.
Heterosiphonales (Class)Page: 90.
Heterotrichales (Class)Page: 90.

Original Classification (root)

([unranked]) organisms

Original Classification (new taxon)

(Phylum) Aeroendospora
(Phylum) Aphragmabacteria
(Phylum) Chloroxybacteria
(Phylum) Methaneocreatrices
(Phylum) Omnibacteria
(Phylum) Thiopneutes

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