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Reference: T. Cavalier-Smith, 2002a. Int. J. Syst. Evol. Microbiol. 52
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Cavalier-Smith, T. 2002a. The neomuran origin of archaebacteria, the negibacterial root of the universal tree and bacterial megaclassification. Int. J. Syst. Evol. Microbiol. 52, 14 Jan 2002: 7-76. [Online]

New Names and Combinations: Subsequent rank

Streptomycetales (Order) Cavalier-Smith 2002Page: 13.

New Names and Combinations: Subsequent rank (orig. spell.)

Korarchaeota (Order) Cavalier-Smith 2002Page: table 1 (p. 14) ("candidate group (possibly a crenarchaeote order)", "(Barns et al., 1996)").

Original Classification (root)

(Kingdom) Bacteria Cavalier-Smith 2002

Original Classification (new taxon)

(Kingdom) Bacteria
(Subkingdom) Negibacteria (Cavalier-Smith, 1987b) subregnum nov.
(Infrakingdom) Eobacteria (Cavalier-Smith, 1992a) infraregnum nov.
(Infrakingdom) Glycobacteria (Cavalier-Smith, 1998) infraregnum nov.
(Superdivision) Exoflagellata superdivisio nov.
(Division) Archaebacteria (Woese & Fox, 1977) divisio nov.
(Division) Cyanobacteria (Stanier, 1974) nom. rev. (ex Stanier & Cohen-Bazire, 1977 as class)
(Division) Eobacteria (Cavalier-Smith, 1992a) divisio nov.
(Division) Planctobacteria (Cavalier-Smith, 1987) divisio nov.
(Division) Posibacteria (Cavalier-Smith, 1987b) divisio nov.
(Division) Proteobacteria (ex Stackebrandt et al., 1986 as class) divisio nov.
(Division) Sphingobacteria (Cavalier-Smith, 1987a) divisio nov.
(Division) Spirochaetae
(Subdivision) Actinobacteria (ex Margulis, 1974 as class) subdivisio nov.
(Subdivision) Crenarchaeota (Woese et al., 1990; syn. eocytes Lake) subdivisio nov.
(Subdivision) Endobacteria (Cavalier-Smith, 1998) subdivisio nov.
(Subdivision) Euryarchaeota (Woese et al., 1990; rank Cavalier-Smith, 1998) subdivisio nov.
(Subdivision) Geobacteria subdivisio nov.
(Subdivision) Gloeobacteria subdivisio nov.
(Subdivision) Phycobacteria (Cavalier-Smith, 1998) subdivisio nov.
(Subdivision) Rhodobacteria (Cavalier-Smith, 1987a) subdivisio nov.
(Subdivision) Thiobacteria (Cavalier-Smith, 1998) subdivisio nov.
(Superclass) Eurythermea superclassis nov.
(Superclass) Neobacteria superclassis nov.
(Class) Acidobacteria classis nov.
(Class) Alphabacteria (Cavalier-Smith, 1992a) classis nov.
(Class) Arabobacteria classis nov.
(Class) Archaeoglobea classis. nov.
(Class) Arthrobacteria classis nov.
(Class) Chlamydiae classis nov.
(Class) Chlorobacteria (Cavalier-Smith, 1992a) classis nov.
(Class) Chlorobea classis nov.
(Class) Chromatibacteria (Cavalier-Smith, 1998) classis nov.
(Class) Chroobacteria classis nov.
(Class) Crenarchaeota
(Class) Deltabacteria (Cavalier-Smith, 1992a) classis nov.
(Class) Epsilobacteria classis nov.
(Class) Ferrobacteria classis nov.
(Class) Flavobacteria (Cavalier-Smith, 1998) classis nov.
(Class) Gloeobacteria (Cavalier-Smith, 1998) classis nov.
(Class) Hadobacteria (Cavalier-Smith, 1992a; emend. 1998) classis nov.
(Class) Halomebacteria (Cavalier-Smith, 1986) classis nov.
(Class) Hormogoneae (ex Thuret, 1875) classis nov.
(Class) Methanothermea classis nov.
(Class) Picrophilea classis nov.
(Class) Planctomycea classis nov.
(Class) Protoarchaea classis nov.
(Class) Spirochaetes
(Class) Streptomycetes classis nov.
(Class) Teichobacteria (Cavalier-Smith, 1998) classis nov.
(Class) Togobacteria (Cavalier-Smith, 1992a) classis nov.
(Order) Acidobacteriales ord. nov.
(Order) Actinoplanales ord. nov.
(Order) Cenarchaeales
(Order) Chroococcales ord. nov.
(Order) Geovibriales ord. nov.
(Order) Gloeobacterales ord. nov.
(Order) Mycobacteriales ord. nov.
(Order) Nostocales ord. nov.
(Order) Oscillatoriales ord. nov.
(Order) Picrophilales ord. nov.
(Order) Pleurocapsales ord. nov.
(Order) Stigonematales ord. nov.
(Order) Streptomycetales ord. nov.

Original Classification (new position)

(Class) Mollicutes Edward & Freundt, 1967
(Class) Verrucomicrobiae (Hedlund et al., 1997)
(Order) Chloroflexales
(Order) Spirochaetales
(Order) Thermales

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