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Reference: C. Linnaeus, 1767
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Linnaeus, C. 1767. Systema naturae, Tom. I. Pars II. Editio duodecima, reformata. Holmiae. (Laurentii Salvii).: 533-1327. [Online]

New Names and Combinations (Original name, rank, combination & spelling)

Actinia felina (Species) Linnaeus, 1767 Page: 1088 ("Baster. subs. 3. p. 120 t. 13. f. 1.")

New Names and Combinations (Subsequent spelling)

Asteria (Genus) Linnaeus, 1767 Page: 1073
Tethis (Genus) Linnaeus, 1758

New Names and Combinations (Emended diagnosis (emend.))

Anomia caput serpentis (Species) sensu Linnaeus, 1767 Page: 1153

Original Classification (new taxon)

(Genus) Actinia
(Genus) Ascidia
(Genus) Bruchus
(Genus) Byrrhus
(Genus) Cellepora
(Genus) Chaos
(Genus) Clio
(Genus) Flustra
(Genus) Fulgora
(Genus) Gyrinus
(Genus) Hispa
(Genus) Lampyris
(Genus) Laplysia
(Genus) Mactra
(Genus) Myrmeleon
(Genus) Ptinus
(Genus) Sabella
(Genus) Sipunculus
(Genus) Terebella
(Genus) Vorticella

Original Classification (new rank)

(Genus) Mantis

Original Classification (new position)

(Genus) Blatta
(Genus) Furia
(Genus) Gryllus
(Genus) Spongia
(Genus) Teredo

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