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Reference: Anonymous, 2002. Int. J. Syst. Evol. Microbiol. 52
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Anonymous, 2002. Validation List No. 85: Validation of publication of new names and new combinations previously effectively published outside the IJSEM. Int. J. Syst. Evol. Microbiol. 52, May 2002: 685-690.

Original Classification (root)

([unranked]) Prokaryota

Original Classification (validated name)

(Class) Aquificae class. nov., Reysenbach
(Class) Archaeoglobi class. nov., Garrity & Holt
(Class) Chrysiogenetes class. nov., Garrity & Holt
(Class) Deferribacteres class. nov., Huber & Stetter
(Class) Deinococci class. nov., Garrity & Holt
(Class) Halobacteria class. nov., Grant et al.
(Class) Methanobacteria class. nov., Boone
(Class) Methanococci class. nov., Boone
(Class) Methanopyri class. nov., Garrity & Holt
(Class) Thermococci class. nov., Zillig & Reysenbach
(Class) Thermodesulfobacteria class. nov., Hatchikian et al.
(Class) Thermomicrobia class. nov., Garrity & Holt
(Class) Thermoplasmata class. nov., Reysenbach
(Class) Thermoprotei class. nov., Reysenbach
(Class) Thermotogae class. nov., Reysenbach
(Order) Aquificales ord. nov., Reysenbach
(Order) Archaeoglobales ord. nov., Huber & Stetter
(Order) Chrysiogenales ord. nov., Garrity & Holt
(Order) Deferribacterales ord. nov., Huber & Stetter
(Order) Desulfurococcales ord. nov., Huber & Stetter
(Order) Methanopyrales ord. nov., Huber & Stetter
(Order) Methanosarcinales ord. nov., Boone et al.
(Order) Thermales ord. nov., Rainey & da Costa
(Order) Thermodesulfobacteriales ord. nov., Hatchikian et al.
(Order) Thermomicrobiales ord. nov., Garrity & Holt
(Order) Thermoplasmatales ord. nov., Reysenbach
(Order) Thermotogales ord. nov., Reysenbach
(Family) Aquificaceae fam. nov., Reysenbach
(Family) Archaeoglobaceae fam. nov., Huber & Stetter
(Family) Chrysiogenaceae fam. nov., Garrity & Holt
(Family) Deferribacteraceae fam. nov., Huber & Stetter
(Family) Methanopyraceae fam. nov., Huber & Stetter
(Family) Methanosaetaceae fam. nov., Boone et al.
(Family) Thermaceae fam. nov., da Costa & Rainey
(Family) Thermodesulfobacteriaceae fam. nov., Hatchikian et al.
(Family) Thermomicrobiaceae fam. nov., Garrity & Holt
(Family) Thermoplasmataceae fam. nov., Reysenbach
(Family) Thermotogaceae fam. nov., Reysenbach

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