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Reference: K. Takahashi, 1991
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Series volume

Takahashi, K. 1991. Radiolaria: Flux, Ecology, and Taxonomy in the Pacific and Atlantic. In S. Honjo (ed.), Ocean Biocoenosis Series, No. 3. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution: [i]-v, 1-303, pls. 1-63. [Online]

New Names and Combinations: Subsequent spelling

Acanthosphaera tunis (Species) Takahashi, 1991, nom. null.Page: 66 ("Haeckel, 1887, p. 210"), pl. 8 (figs. 2, 3).

Original Classification (root)

(Suborder) Spumellaria Ehrenberg, 1875

Original Classification (new taxon)

Collosphaera confossa Takahashi, n. sp.
Myelastrum quadrifolium Takahashi, n. sp.
Myelastrum trinibrachium Takahashi, n. sp.
Plegmosphaera oblonga Takahashi, n. sp.
Siphonosphaera magnisphaera Takahashi, n. sp.

Original Classification (new name)

Dorydruppa bensoni Takahashi, new name
Acrosphaera spinosa coniculispina Takahashi, new name
Acrosphaera spinosa coronula Takahashi, new name
Acrosphaera spinosa longispina Takahashi, new name

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