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Reference: G.M. Garrity (ed.), 2001-
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Multi-volume work

Garrity, G.M. 2001-. Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology, Second Edition. Springer-Verlag, New York.


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Original Classification (root)

([unranked]) procaryotes

Original Classification (new taxon)

(Phylum) Aquificae phy. nov.
(Phylum) Chloroflexi phy. nov.
(Phylum) Chrysiogenetes phy. nov.
(Phylum) Crenarchaeota phy. nov.
(Phylum) Deferribacteres phy. nov.
(Phylum) Euryarchaeota phy. nov.
(Phylum) Thermodesulfobacteria phy. nov.
(Phylum) Thermomicrobia phy. nov.
(Phylum) Thermotogae phy. nov.
(Class) Aquificae class. nov.
(Class) Archaeoglobi class. nov.
(Class) Chrysiogenetes class. nov.
(Class) Deferribacteres class. nov.
(Class) Deinococci class. nov.
(Class) Halobacteria class. nov.
(Class) Methanobacteria class. nov.
(Class) Methanococci class. nov.
(Class) Methanopyri class. nov.
(Class) Thermococci class. nov.
(Class) Thermodesulfobacteria class. nov.
(Class) Thermomicrobia class. nov.
(Class) Thermoplasmata class. nov.
(Class) Thermoprotei class. nov.
(Class) Thermotogae class. nov.
(Order) Aquificales ord. nov.
(Order) Archaeoglobales ord. nov.
(Order) Chrysiogenales ord. nov.
(Order) Deferribacterales ord. nov.
(Order) Desulfurococcales ord. nov.
(Order) Methanopyrales ord. nov.
(Order) Methanosarcinales ord. nov.
(Order) Thermales ord. nov.
(Order) Thermodesulfobacteriales ord. nov.
(Order) Thermomicrobiales ord. nov.
(Order) Thermoplasmatales ord. nov.
(Order) Thermotogales ord. nov.
(Family) Aquificaceae fam. nov.
(Family) Archaeoglobaceae fam. nov.
(Family) Chrysiogenaceae fam. nov.
(Family) Deferribacteraceae fam. nov.
(Family) Methanopyraceae fam. nov.
(Family) Methanosaetaceae fam. nov.
(Family) Thermaceae fam. nov.
(Family) Thermodesulfobacteriaceae fam. nov.
(Family) Thermomicrobiaceae fam. nov.
(Family) Thermoplasmataceae fam. nov.
(Family) Thermotogaceae fam. nov.

Original Classification (new position)

(Order) Halobacteriales
(Order) Methanobacteriales
(Order) Methanococcales
(Order) Methanomicrobiales
(Order) Sulfolobales
(Order) Thermococcales
(Order) Thermoproteales
(Family) Desulfurococcaceae
(Family) Methanosarcinaceae
(Family) Picrophilaceae
(Family) Pyrodictiaceae
(Genus) Aquifex
(Genus) Archaeoglobus
(Genus) Calderobacterium
(Genus) Chrysiogenes
(Genus) Deferribacter
(Genus) Desulfurobacterium
(Genus) Ferroglobus
(Genus) Fervidobacterium
(Genus) Flexistipes
(Genus) Geotoga
(Genus) Geovibrio
(Genus) Hydrogenobacter
(Genus) Meiothermus
(Genus) Methanopyrus
(Genus) Methanosaeta
(Genus) Petrotoga
(Genus) Synergistes
(Genus) Thermocrinis
(Genus) Thermodesulfobacterium
(Genus) Thermomicrobium
(Genus) Thermoplasma
(Genus) Thermosipho
(Genus) Thermotoga
(Genus) Thermus

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