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Reference: P. Sereno, 1986. National Geographic Research 2 (2)
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Sereno, P. 1986. Phylogeny of the bird-hipped dinosaurs (order Ornithischia). National Geographic Research 2 (2): 234-256.

New: Original name

Ankylopollexia (Megafamily) Sereno, 1986, nom. inval.
Cerapoda (Nanorder) Sereno, 1986
Coronosauria (Microorder) Sereno, 1986
Domocephalinae (Subfamily) Sereno, 1986, nom. inval.
Dryomorpha (Gigafamily) Sereno, 1986
Dryosauroidea (Megafamily) Milner & Norman, 1984
Dyromorpha (Gigafamily) Sereno, 1986, nom. inval.
Euornithopoda (Hypoorder) Sereno, 1986
Eurypoda (Minorder) Sereno, 1986
Genasauria (Parvorder) Sereno, 1986
Goyocephalia (Infraorder) Sereno, 1986
Marginocephalia (Hypoorder) Sereno, 1986
Neoceratopsia (Infraorder) Sereno, 1986
Styracosterna (Grandfamily) Sereno, 1986, nom. inval.
Tholocephalidae (Family) Sereno, 1986, nom. inval.
Xiphosauridae (Family) Sereno, 1986, nom. inval.

New: Subsequent rank

Hadrosauroidea (Superfamily) Cope, 1869
Heterodontosauria (Suborder) Cooper, 1985
Homalocephaloidea (Superfamily) Dong, 1978
Hypsilophodontia (Infraorder) Cooper, 1985
Iguanodontoidea (Hyperfamily) Hay, 1902
Thyreophoroidea (Hypoorder) Nopcsa, 1928

New: Subsequent rank (orig. spell.)

Thyreophora (Nanorder) Nopcsa, 1915

Original Classification (root)

(Order) †Ornithischia Seeley, 1887

Original Classification (new taxon)

(Nanorder) †Cerapoda new
(Hypoorder) †Euornithopoda new
(Hypoorder) †Marginocephalia new
(Minorder) †Eurypoda new
(Infraorder) †Goyocephalia new
(Infraorder) †Neoceratopsia new
(Microorder) †Coronosauria new
(Parvorder) †Genasauria new
(Gigafamily) †Dryomorpha new
(Megafamily) †Ankylopollexia new
(Grandfamily) †Styracosterna new
(Family) †Tholocephalidae new
(Family) †Xiphosauridae new
(Subfamily) †Domocephalinae new

Original Classification (new rank)

(Nanorder) †Thyreophora Nopcsa, 1915, emended
(Hypoorder) †Thyreophoroidea Nopcsa, 1928, emended
(Suborder) †Heterodontosauria Cooper, 1985, emended
(Infraorder) †Hypsilophodontia Cooper, 1985, emended
(Infraorder) †Iguanodontia Dollo, 1888, emended
(Megafamily) †Dryosauroidea new
(Hyperfamily) †Iguanodontoidea Hay, 1902, emended
(Superfamily) †Hadrosauroidea new
(Superfamily) †Homalocephaloidea new

Original Classification (new position)

(Suborder) †Ankylosauria Osborn, 1923
(Suborder) †Ceratopsia
(Suborder) †Ornithopoda Marsh, 1871
(Suborder) †Pachycephalosauria Maryańska & Osmólska, 1975
(Suborder) †Stegosauria Marsh, 1877
(Superfamily) †Ceratopsoidea Hay, 1902
(Family) †Hadrosauridae Cope, 1869
(Family) †Hypsilophodontidae Dollo, 1882
(Genus) †Abrictosaurus
(Genus) †Bagaceratops
(Genus) †Camptosaurus
(Genus) †Dryosaurus
(Genus) †Goyocephale
(Genus) †Heterodontosaurus
(Genus) †Homalocephale
(Genus) †Iguanodon
(Genus) †Lanasaurus
(Genus) †Leptoceratops
(Genus) †Lycorhinus
(Genus) †Microceratops
(Genus) †Ouranosaurus
(Genus) †Pachycephalosaurus
(Genus) †Prenocephale
(Genus) †Probactrosaurus
(Genus) †Protoceratops
(Genus) †Scelidosaurus
(Genus) †Scutellosaurus
(Genus) †Stegoceras
(Genus) †Tenontosaurus
(Genus) †Thescelosaurus
(Genus) †Valdosaurus

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