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Reference: T. Cavalier-Smith, 1993. Microbiological Reviews 57 (4)
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Cavalier-Smith, T. 1993. Kingdom Protozoa and Its 18 Phyla. Microbiological Reviews 57 (4), Dec 1993: 953-994. [Online]

New Names and Combinations: Original name

Adictyozoa (Subkingdom) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 983.
Anthemosomida (Order) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 988.
Aphagea (Class) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 987.
Apicomonada (Subphylum) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 985.
Apicomonadea (Class) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 987.
Athalamia (Subphylum) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 986.
Bikonta (Branch) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 984.
Chlorarachnia (Subkingdom) Cavalier-Smith (1993)Page: 988.
Chrysomeridae (Subclass) Cavalier-Smith (1993)Page: 989.
Ciliomyxa (Parvkingdom) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 984.
Coelotrophea (Class) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 988.
Colpodellida (Order) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 987.
Colponemea (Class) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 987.
Colponemida (Order) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 987.
Copromyxida (Order) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 988.
Diplokaryotia (Subclass) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: table 3 (p. 963).
Diplonemea (Class) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 986.
Diplonemia (Subphylum) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 984.
Diplonemida (Order) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 986.
Diplonemidae (Family) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 986.
Disporea (Class) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: table 3 (p. 963).
Entamoebia (Parvkingdom) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 986.
Entamoebia (Phylum) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 986.
Entamoebida (Order) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 988.
Eogregarinea (Class) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 987.
Eopharyngia (Subphylum) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: table 3 (p. 963: note a).
Euacanthia (Subclass) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: table 4 (p. 972).
Euacatharia (Subclass) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 988.
Eucentricidae (Subclass) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 989.
Euchromista (Subkingdom) Cavalier-Smith (1993)Page: 988.
Eucoccidea (Class) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 988.
Euglenia (Subclass) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 987.
Eumyxa (Subphylum) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: table 4 (p. 971).
Eustigmista (Infraphylum) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 961.
Eustigmista (Infradivision) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 989.
Flavoretea (Class) Cavalier-Smith (1993)Page: 989.
Gamontozoa (Subphylum) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 985.
Gastromyxia (Subclass) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: table 4 (p. 971).
Hemidinia (Superclass) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 987.
Holacanthia (Subclass) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 988.
Holosea (Class) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 988.
Ixoplasmida (Order) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 988.
Kinetomonada (Subphylum) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 984.
Kinetoplasta (Subphylum) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 984.
Luffisphaerida (Order) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 988.
Luffisphaeridae (Family) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 988.
Lyromonadea (Class) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 986.
Lyromonadida (Order) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 986.
Lyromonadidae (Family) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 986.
Lyromonas (Genus) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 986.
Minisporea (Class) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: table 3 (p. 963).
Neogregarinea (Class) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 988.
Neosarcodina (Parvkingdom) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 986.
Nucleohelea (Class) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 988.
Oikomonadea (Class) Cavalier-Smith (1993)Page: 989.
Opalomyxa (Superphylum) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 984.
Parabasalia (Branch) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 984.
Patelliferea (Class) Cavalier-Smith (1993)Page: 989.
Peranemea (Class) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 987.
Percolomonada (Superclass) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 986.
Petalomonadea (Class) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 986.
Petalomonadida (Order) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 987.
Phagodinia (Subclass) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 987.
Phagodinida (Order) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: table 4 (p. 970).
Phagodiniida (Order) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 987.
Phagodiniidae (Family) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 987.
Pleistophorea (Class) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: table 3 (p. 963).
Ploeotiida (Order) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 987.
Polaroplasta (Subphylum) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: table 3 (p. 963).
Raphidochloridae (Subclass) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 988.
Raphidochrysidae (Subclass) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 988.
Raphidomonadia (Superclass) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 988.
Raphoidae (Subclass) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 989.
Rhabdomonadia (Subclass) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 987.
Rhizochloridae (Subclass) Cavalier-Smith (1993)Page: 989.
Rudimicrospora (Subphylum) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: table 3 (p. 963).
Sarcinochrysidae (Subclass) Cavalier-Smith (1993)Page: 989.
Spasmaria (Subphylum) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 985.
Striatorhiza (Superclass) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 986.
Syndina (Superclass) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 987.
Thoracosphaeroidia (Subclass) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 987.
Trepomonadea (Class) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: table 3 (p. 963).
Tribophycidae (Subclass) Cavalier-Smith (1993)Page: 989.
Unikaryotia (Subclass) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: table 3 (p. 963).

New Names and Combinations: Original name, rank & spelling

Fonticulida (Order) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 988 ("ord. nov.").
Nucleariida (Order) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 988 ("ord. nov.").

New Names and Combinations: Subsequent spelling

Bicoecea (Class) Caval.-Sm. (1986)Page: table 2 (p. 961).
Chromobiota (Infrakingdom) Cavalier-Smith, 1986Page: table 2 (p. 961).
Dictyostelea (Class) Hawksworth, Kirk, Sutton & Pegler, 1983Page: table 4 (p. 971).
Ebridea (Class) Lemmermann, 1901Page: table 4 (p. 970).
Ellobiopsea (Class) Loeblich, 1970Page: table 4 (p. 971).
Eutreptida (Order) Leedale, 1967Page: 987.
Eutreptiida (Order) Leedale, 1967Page: table 4 (p. 970); 987.
Haemosporea (Class) Danilewsky, 1885Page: 988; table 4 (p. 971).
Myxogastrea (Class) Fries, 1829Page: table 4 (p. 971).
Oxyrrhida (Order) Sournia, 1990Page: table 4 (p. 971).
Pelagophycea (Class) Andersen & Saunders, 1993, nom. emend.Page: table 2 (p. 961).
Phaeophycea (Class) Kjellman, 1891Page: table 2 (p. 961).
Phytomyxea (Class) Engler & Prantl, 1897Page: table 4 (p. 970).
Rhabdomonadida (Order) Leedale, 1967Page: 987.
Stemonitia (Subclass) Ross, 1973Page: table 4 (p. 971).

New Names and Combinations: Emended diagnosis (emend.)

Apicomplexa (Phylum) Levine, 1970Page: 985.
Axostylaria (Subphylum) (Grassé, 1952) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: table 3 (p. 963: note b).
Choanozoa (Superphylum) Cavalier-Smith, 1981Page: 985.
Chromista (Kingdom) Caval.-Sm. (1981)Page: table 2 (p. 961).
Dictyochia (Superclass) Haeckel (1894)Page: 988.
Dinozoa (Phylum) Cavalier-Smith, 1981Page: 985, table 4 (p. 971).
Filosea (Class) Leidy, 1879Page: 988.
Heterolobosea (Class) Page & Blanton, 1985Page: table 4 (p. 970).
Lobosea (Class) (Carpenter, 1861) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 988.
Myxosporidia (Phylum) Bütschli, 1881Page: 986.
Myxozoa (Parvkingdom) Grassé, 1970Page: 986.
Peridinea (Class) Ehrenberg, 1830Page: 987.
Psalteriomonadidae (Family) Cavalier-Smith, 1993Page: 986.
Radiolaria (Subphylum) Müller, 1858Page: table 4 (p. 972).
Raphidoista (Infraphylum) Cavalier-Smith, 1986Page: 988.
Reticulosa (Phylum) Carpenter, 1862Page: 986.
Rhizopoda (Phylum) Dujardin, 1835Page: 986.

Original Classification (root)

([unranked]) Biota

Original Classification (new taxon)

(Subkingdom) Adictyozoa subking. nov.
(Subkingdom) Chlorarachnia subregn. nov.
(Subkingdom) Euchromista subregn. nov.
(Parvkingdom) Ciliomyxa parvkingd. nov.
(Parvkingdom) Entamoebia parvkingd. nov.
(Parvkingdom) Neosarcodina parvkingd. nov.
(Branch) Bikonta new branch
(Branch) Parabasalia new branch
(Superphylum) Opalomyxa superphyl. nov.
(Phylum) Entamoebia phyl. nov.
(Subphylum) Apicomonada subphyl. nov.
(Subphylum) Athalamia subphyl. nov.
(Subphylum) Diplonemia subph. nov.
(Subphylum) Eopharyngia subph. nov.
(Subphylum) Gamontozoa subphyl. nov.
(Subphylum) Kinetomonada subph. nov. / Cavalier-Smith, 1993
(Subphylum) Kinetoplasta subph. nov. / Honigberg, 1963 stat. nov.
(Subphylum) Polaroplasta subphyl. nov.
(Subphylum) Rudimicrospora subphyl. nov.
(Subphylum) Spasmaria subphyl. nov.
(Infradivision) Eustigmista infradivisio nova
(Infraphylum) Eustigmista infradiv. nov.
(Superclass) Dinokaryota supercl. nov.
(Superclass) Hemidinia supercl. nov.
(Superclass) Percolomonada supercl. nov.
(Superclass) Raphidomonadia supercl. nov.
(Superclass) Striatorhiza supercl. nov.
(Superclass) Syndina supercl. nov.
(Class) Aphagea cl. nov.
(Class) Apicomonadea cl. nov.
(Class) Coelotrophea cl. nov.
(Class) Colponemea cl. nov.
(Class) Diplonemea cl. nov.
(Class) Disporea cl. nov.
(Class) Eogregarinea cl. nov.
(Class) Eucoccidea cl. nov.
(Class) Flavoretea cl. nov.
(Class) Holosea cl. nov.
(Class) Lyromonadea cl. nov.
(Class) Minisporea cl. nov.
(Class) Neogregarinea cl. nov.
(Class) Nucleohelea cl. nov.
(Class) Oikomonadea cl. nov.
(Class) Patelliferea cl. nov.
(Class) Peranemea cl. nov.
(Class) Petalomonadea cl. nov.
(Class) Pleistophorea cl. nov.
(Class) Trepomonadea cl. nov.
(Subclass) Chrysomeridae subcl. nov.
(Subclass) Diplokaryotia subcl. nov.
(Subclass) Euacanthia subcl. nov.
(Subclass) Euacatharia subcl. nov.
(Subclass) Eucentricidae subcl. nov.
(Subclass) Euglenia subcl. nov.
(Subclass) Holacanthia subcl. nov.
(Subclass) Phagodinia subcl. nov.
(Subclass) Raphidochloridae subcl. nov.
(Subclass) Raphidochrysidae subcl. nov.
(Subclass) Raphoidae subcl. nov.
(Subclass) Rhabdomonadia subcl. nov.
(Subclass) Rhizochloridae subcl. nov.
(Subclass) Sarcinochrysidae subcl. nov.
(Subclass) Thoracosphaeroidia subcl. nov.
(Subclass) Tribophycidae subcl. nov.
(Subclass) Unikaryotia subcl. nov.
(Order) Anthemosomida ord. nov.
(Order) Colponemida ord. nov.
(Order) Copromyxida ord. nov.
(Order) Diplonemida ord. nov.
(Order) Entamoebida ord. nov.
(Order) Fonticulida ord. nov.
(Order) Ixoplasmida ord. nov.
(Order) Luffisphaerida ord. nov.
(Order) Lyromonadida ord. nov.
(Order) Nucleariida ord. nov.
(Order) Petalomonadida ord. nov.
(Order) Phagodinida ord. nov.
(Order) Phagodiniida ord. nov.
(Order) Ploeotiida ord. nov.
(Family) Diplonemidae fam. nov.
(Family) Luffisphaeridae fam. nov.
(Family) Lyromonadidae fam. nov.
(Family) Phagodiniidae fam. nov.
(Genus) Lyromonas gen. nov.

Original Classification (new name)

(Subphylum) Eumyxa nomen novum
(Class) Goniomonadea nom. nov. pro Cyathomonadea Cavalier-Smith, 1989
(Subclass) Gastromyxia nomen novum
(Order) Colpodellida ord. nov.

Original Classification (new rank)

(Infrakingdom) Cryptista Cavalier-Smith, 1989, stat. nov.
(Infrakingdom) Euglenozoa Cavalier-Smith, 1981 stat. nov.
(Parvkingdom) Actinopoda Calkins, 1902 stat. nov.
(Parvkingdom) Alveolata Cavalier-Smith, 1991 stat. nov.
(Parvkingdom) Mesozoa van Beneden, 1877 stat. nov. / van Beneden, 1876 stat. nov.
(Parvkingdom) Myxozoa Grassé, 1970 emend. stat. nov.
(Superphylum) Choanozoa Cavalier-Smith, 1981, emend. stat. nov. / Cavalier-Smith, 1983 stat. nov.
(Superphylum) Heterokaryota Hickson, 1903 stat. nov.
(Phylum) Paramyxia Chatton, 1911 stat. nov.
(Phylum) Reticulosa Carpenter, 1862 stat. nov. emend.
(Subphylum) Axostylaria Grassé, 1952 emend. stat. nov.
(Subphylum) Dictyostelia Lister, 1909 stat. nov.
(Subphylum) Euglenoida Bütschli, 1884 emend. Senn, 1900 stat. nov.
(Subphylum) Hemimastigophora Foissner, Blatterer & Foissner, 1988 stat. nov.
(Subphylum) Proterozoa Cavalier-Smith, 1991 stat. nov. emend. / Cavalier-Smith, 1981 emend. stat. nov. 1993
(Subphylum) Radiolaria Haeckel, 1887 / Müller, 1858 emend. stat. nov.
(Infraphylum) Chrysista Cavalier-Smith, 1986 stat. nov.
(Infraphylum) Diatomea Agardh, 1824 stat. nov.
(Infraphylum) Hematozoa Vivier, 1982 stat. nov.
(Infraphylum) Raphidoista Cavalier-Smith, 1986 emend. stat. nov.
(Infraphylum) Sporozoa Leuckart, 1879 stat. nov.
(Superclass) Coccidia Leuckart, 1879 stat. nov.
(Superclass) Dictyochia Haeckel, 1894 stat. nov. emend.
(Superclass) Gregarinia Dufour, 1828 / Dufour, 1828 stat. nov.
(Class) Acantharea Haeckel, 1881 stat. nov.
(Class) Acantharia Haeckel, 1881 stat. nov.
(Class) Centricea Schütt, 1896 stat. nov. orthog. emend.
(Class) Centrohelea cl. nov. / Kühn, 1926
(Class) Dictyostelea Lister, 1909 stat. nov.
(Class) Lobosea Carpenter, 1961 stat. nov. emend. / Carpenter, 1861 stat. nov. emend.
(Class) Monothalamea Haeckel, 1862 stat. nov.
(Class) Myxogastrea Fries, 1829 stat. nov.
(Class) Noctilucea Haeckel, 1866 stat. nov.
(Class) Orthonectea Giard, 1879 stat. nov.
(Class) Pavlovea cl. nov. / Cavalier-Smith, 1986 stat. nov.
(Class) Pennatea Schütt, 1896 stat. nov. orthog. emend.
(Class) Polycystinea Ehrenberg, 1838 stat. nov.
(Class) Retortamonadea Grassé, 1952 stat. nov.
(Class) Silicoflagellatea Borgert, 1891 stat. nov.
(Class) Spirotrichea Bütschli, 1889 stat. nov.
(Pseudoclass) Actinomyxea Štolc, 1899 stat. nov.
(Pseudoclass) Myxosporea Bütschli, 1881 stat. nov.
(Subclass) Chrysomonadidae Saville Kent, 1881 stat. nov.
(Subclass) Cristidiscoidia subcl. nov. / Page, 1987 stat. nov.
(Subclass) Cristivesiculatia Page, 1987 stat. nov.
(Subclass) Desmocapsoidia Pascher, 1914 stat. nov. / Pascher, 1941 stat. nov.
(Subclass) †Fusulinidia Fursenko, 1958 stat. nov.
(Subclass) Gymnamoebia Haeckel, 1862 stat. nov.
(Subclass) Gymnodinoidia Poche, 1913 stat. nov.
(Subclass) Heterotrichia Stein, 1859 stat. nov.
(Subclass) Hymenostomatia Delage & Hérouard, 1896 stat. nov.
(Subclass) Hypotrichia Stein, 1859 stat. nov.
(Subclass) Peridinoidia Poche, 1913 stat. nov. / Poche, 1913 stat. nov. Fritsch, 1935
(Subclass) Peritrichia Stein, 1859 stat. nov.
(Subclass) Prorocentroidia Lemmermann, 1899 stat. nov.
(Subclass) Rotalidia Lankester, 1885, stat. nov.
(Subclass) Synuridae stat. nov.
(Order) Astasida Ehrenberg, 1838 stat. nov. / Ehrenberg, 1831 stat. nov.
(Order) Axoplasthelida Febvre-Chevalier, 1984 stat. nov.
(Order) Centroplasthelida Febvre-Chevalier, 1984 stat. nov.
(Order) Diplomonadida Wenyon, 1926 emend. Brugerolle, 1975 stat. nov.
(Order) Enteromonadida Brugerolle, 1975 stat. nov.
(Order) Peranemida ord. nov. / Bütschli, 1884 stat. nov.

Original Classification (new spelling)

(Infrakingdom) Chromobiota orthogr. emend. pro Chromophyta Cavalier-Smith, 1986
(Class) Bicoecea orthogr. emend. pro Bicosoecea Cavalier-Smith, 1986
(Class) Ebridea Lemmermann, 1901 emend. Deflandre, 1936 stat. nov. Loeblich III, 1970 orthog. emend.
(Class) Ellobiopsea Loeblich III, 1970 orthog. emend.
(Class) Haemosporea cl. nov. / Danilewsky, 1885 stat. nov. Sleigh, 1989
(Class) Pelagophycea Anderson, Andersen & Saunders, 1993 orthog. emend.
(Class) Phaeophycea Kjellman, 1891 orthogr. emend.
(Class) Phytomyxea Engler & Prantl, 1897 orthog. emend.
(Subclass) Stemonitia Ross, 1973 orthog. emend.
(Order) Eutreptida Leedale, 1967 orthog. emend.
(Order) Eutreptiida Leedale, 1967
(Order) Oxyrrhida Sournia, in Taylor, 1990 orthog. emend.
(Order) Rhabdomonadida Leedale, 1967 orthog. emend.

Original Classification (new combination)

Lyromonas vulgaris (Broers et al.) Cavalier-Smith

Original Classification (new position)

(Infrakingdom) Neozoa Cavalier-Smith, 1993 / Cavalier-Smith, 1983
(Superphylum) Miozoa Cavalier-Smith, 1987
(Phylum) Chlorarachniophyta Hibberd & Norris, 1984
(Phylum) Choanozoa Cavalier-Smith, 1981, emend. 1983
(Phylum) Ciliophora Doflein, 1901 stat. nov. Copeland, 1956 emend. auct.
(Phylum) Cryptista
(Phylum) Euglenozoa Cavalier-Smith, 1981
(Phylum) Haplosporidia Caullery & Mesnil, 1899 stat. nov. Corliss, 1984
(Phylum) Haptophyta Hibberd ex Cavalier-Smith, 1986
(Phylum) Heliozoa Haeckel, 1866 emend. stat. nov. Margulis, 1974 emend. Corliss, 1984
(Phylum) Heterokonta Cavalier-Smith, 1986
(Phylum) Mesozoa van Beneden, 1877 / van Beneden, 1876
(Phylum) Mycetozoa de Bary, 1873 stat. nov. Engler & Prantl, 1888
(Phylum) Myxosporidia Bütschli, 1881 stat. nov. Grassé, 1970 emend.
(Phylum) Opalozoa Cavalier-Smith, 1991
(Phylum) Parabasalia Honigberg, 1973 stat. nov. Cavalier-Smith, 1981
(Phylum) Percolozoa Cavalier-Smith, 1991
(Phylum) Radiozoa Cavalier-Smith, 1987
(Subphylum) Foraminifera (D'Orbigny, 1826) Eichwald, 1830 stat. nov. Mikhalevich, 1980
(Class) Athalamea Haeckel, 1862 stat. nov. Lee, 1990
(Class) Bilidinea Cavalier-Smith, 1993
(Class) Chrysophycea Pascher ex Hibberd, 1976
(Class) Entamoebea Cavalier-Smith, 1991
(Class) Eustigmatophycea Hibberd & Leedale, 1971
(Class) Haplozooidea Poche, 1911
(Class) Hemimastigea Foissner, Blatterer & Foissner, 1988
(Class) Kinetoplastea Honigberg, 1963 emend. Vickerman, 1976 stat. nov. Margulis, 1974
(Class) Metchnikovellea Weiser, 1977
(Class) Oxymonadea Grassé, 1952 stat. nov. Margulis, 1974
(Class) Paramyxea Chatton, 1911, stat. nov. emend. Desportes, 1981
(Class) Pedinellea Cavalier-Smith, 1986
(Class) Percolomonadea Cavalier-Smith, 1993
(Class) Phaeodarea Haeckel, 1879
(Class) Piroplasmea Wenyon, 1926 stat. nov. Levine, 1961 / Wenyon, 1926 stat. nov. Levine, 1971
(Class) Protostelea Olive & Stoianovitch, 1966
(Class) Raphidomonadea Chadefaud ex Silva, 1980
(Class) Schizocladea Cedhagen & Mattson, 1992
(Class) Sticholonchea Poche, 1913 stat. nov. Petrushevskaja, 1977
(Class) Syndinea Chatton, 1920 stat. nov. Loeblich, 1976 orthog. emend. Corliss, 1984
(Class) Xanthophycea Allorge ex Fritsch, 1935
(Class) Xenophyophorea Schulze, 1904
(Subclass) Araphoidae
(Subclass) Choreotrichia Small & Lynn, 1985
(Subclass) Corethrophycidae Round & Crawford, 1990
(Subclass) Fucophycidae Cavalier-Smith, 1986
(Subclass) Nassellaria Ehrenberg, 1875
(Subclass) Phaeophycidae Cavalier-Smith, 1986
(Subclass) Rhizosoleniophycidae Round & Crawford, 1990
(Subclass) Spumellaria Ehrenberg, 1875
(Subclass) Stichotrichia Small & Lynn, 1985
(Subclass) Testacealobosia de Saedeleer, 1934
(Order) Acanthopodida Page, 1976
(Order) Actinophryida Hartmann, 1913
(Order) Adeleida Léger, 1911
(Order) Archigregarinida Grassé, 1953
(Order) Blastogregarinida Chatton & Villeneuve, 1936
(Order) Buliminida
(Order) Cassidulinida
(Order) Certerinida
(Order) Chloramoebales
(Order) Chrysomeridales O'Kelly & Billard
(Order) Coccosphaerales
(Order) Coelotrophiida Vivier, 1982
(Order) Cystoflagellata Haeckel, 1873 stat. nov. Bütschli, 1887
(Order) Desmothoracida Hertwig & Lesser, 1874
(Order) Discordida
(Order) Ebriida Deflandre, 1936
(Order) Eimeriida Léger, 1911
(Order) Euamoebida Lepşi, 1960
(Order) Eugregarinida Léger, 1899
(Order) Globigerinida
(Order) Haemosporida Danilewsky, 1885
(Order) Holacanthida Schewiakoff, 1926
(Order) Isochrysidales
(Order) Leptomyxida Pussard & Pons, 1976 emend. Page, 1987
(Order) Loboreticulatida Page, 1987
(Order) Minisporida Sprague, 1972
(Order) Mischococcales
(Order) Neogregarinida Grassé, 1953
(Order) Nodosariida
(Order) Orbiloidida
(Order) Orthonectida Giard, 1879
(Order) Pavlovales
(Order) Perkinsida Levine, 1978
(Order) Phagomyxida Cavalier-Smith, 1993
(Order) Plasmodiophorida Cook, 1928
(Order) Plegmacantha Rechetniak, 1981
(Order) Pleistophorida Stempell, 1906
(Order) Prymnesiales
(Order) Retortamonadida Grassé, 1952
(Order) Rhizochloridales
(Order) Robertinida
(Order) Sarcinochrysidales Gayral & Billard, 1977 emend. O'Kelly & Billard
(Order) Spirillinida
(Order) Tribonematales
(Order) Vampyrellida Starobogatov ex Krylov et al., 1980
(Family) Anthemosomatidae Levine, 1980
(Family) Babesiidae Poche, 1913
(Family) Copromyxidae Olive & Stoianovitch, 1975
(Family) Fonticulidae Worley, Raper & Hohl, 1979
(Family) Heterogloeaceae
(Family) Nucleariidae Cann & Page, 1979
(Family) Pompholyxophyidae Page, 1987
(Family) Theileriidae du Tort, 1918
(Genus) Astasia Dujardin, 1841
(Genus) Caecitellus
(Genus) Characidiopsis
(Genus) Chattonella
(Genus) Colpodella Cienkowsky, 1865
(Genus) Diplonema Griessmann, 1913
(Genus) Fibrocapsa
(Genus) Gonyostomum
(Genus) Heterosigma
(Genus) Luffisphaera Belcher & Swale, 1975
(Genus) Mallodendron
(Genus) Ministeria
(Genus) Olisthodiscus
(Genus) Peranema Dujardin, 1841
(Genus) Petalomonas Stein, 1859
(Genus) Phagodinium Kristiansen, 1993
(Genus) Pleurochoridella
(Genus) Ploeotia Dujardin, 1841
(Genus) Reticulosphaera
(Genus) Thoracosphaera
(Genus) Vacuolaria

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