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Reference: E.O. Wiley & G.D. Johnson, 2010
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Wiley, E.O. & Johnson, G.D. 2010. A teleost classification based on monophyletic groups. In J.S. Nelson, H.-P. Schultze & M.V.H. Wilson (eds.), Origin and Phylogenetic Interrelationships of Teleosts. Verlag Dr. Friedrich Pfeil, München, Germany: 123-182.

New: Original name

Aulopa (Section) Wiley & Johnson, 2010Page: 144.
Berycacea (Division) Wiley & Johnson, 2010Page: 150.
Clupei (Subcohort) E.O. Wiley & G.D. Johnson, 2010Page: 134-135.
Cyprinae (Superorder) Wiley & Johnson, 2010Page: 137.
Gadacea (Division) Wiley & Johnson, 2010Page: 148.
Myctophata (Subsection) Wiley & Johnson, 2010Page: 146.
Otomorpha (Cohort) E.O. Wiley & G.D. Johnson, 2010Page: 134.
Percopsacea (Division) Wiley & Johnson, 2010Page: 147.
Polymixiacea (Division) Wiley & Johnson, 2010Page: 147.
Stephanoberycacea (Division) Wiley & Johnson, 2010Page: 149.
Stomiatia (Infracohort) Wiley & Johnson, 2010Page: 144.
Zeacea (Division) Wiley & Johnson, 2010Page: 150.

New: Original name, rank & spelling

Lampridacea (Division) Wiley & Johnson, 2010Page: 147 ("new").

New: Subsequent rank

Cottiformes (Order)Page: 161.
Percomorphacea (Division) Wiley & Johnson, 2010Page: 151.

Original Classification (root)

(Class) Actinopterygii Woodward, 1891

Original Classification (new taxon)

(Division) Berycacea new
(Division) Gadacea new
(Division) Lampridacea new
(Division) Percopsacea new
(Division) Polymixiacea new
(Division) Stephanoberycacea new
(Division) Zeacea new
(Section) Aulopa new
(Subsection) Myctophata new
(Infracohort) Stomiatia new

Original Classification (new name)

(Cohort) Otomorpha new name
(Subcohort) Clupei new name
(Superorder) Cyprinae new name

Original Classification (new rank)

(Division) Percomorphacea new
(Order) Cottiformes new rank, sensu Imamura & Yabe, 2002, incertae sedis

Original Classification (new position)

(Subcohort) Ostariophysi Sagemehl, 1885
(Series) Smegmamorpharia Johnson & Patterson, 1993
(Order) Acanthuriformes Jordan, 1923, incertae sedis
(Order) Anabantiformes sensu Britz, 1995, incertae sedis
(Order) Aulopiformes Rosen, 1973
(Order) Batrachoidiformes Berg, 1937, incertae sedis
(Order) Beryciformes Günther, 1880, sensu Johnson & Patterson, 1993
(Order) Blenniiformes sensu Springer, 1993, incertae sedis
(Order) Caproiformes sensu Rosen, 1984, incertae sedis
(Order) Carangiformes Jordan, 1923, incertae sedis
(Order) Clupeiformes Goodrich, 1909
(Order) Cypriniformes Goodrich, 1909
(Order) Dactylopteriformes Jordan, 1923, incertae sedis
(Order) Gadiformes Goodrich, 1909
(Order) Gobiesociformes Gill, 1872, incertae sedis
(Order) Gobiiformes Günther, 1880, incertae sedis
(Order) Icosteiformes Berg, 1937, incertae sedis
(Order) Labriformes sensu Kaufman & Liem, 1982, incertae sedis
(Order) Lampridiformes Goodrich, 1909
(Order) Lophiiformes Garman, 1899, incertae sedis
(Order) Myctophiformes Regan, 1911a
(Order) Nototheniiformes Jordan, 1923, incertae sedis
(Order) Ophidiiformes Berg, 1937, incertae sedis
(Order) Perciformes sensu stricto, incertae sedis
(Order) Percopsiformes Berg, 1937
(Order) Pholidichthyiformes sensu Springer & Johnson, 2004, incertae sedis
(Order) Pleuronectiformes Bleeker, 1859, incertae sedis
(Order) Polymixiiformes Lowe, 1838
(Order) Scombriformes sensu Johnson, 1986, incertae sedis
(Order) Scorpaeniformes sensu Imamura & Yabe, 2002, new usage, incertae sedis
(Order) Stephanoberyciformes Berg, 1937
(Order) Stomiatiformes Rosen, 1973
(Order) Stromateiformes Jordan, 1923, incertae sedis
(Order) Tetraodontiformes Berg, 1937, incertae sedis
(Order) Trachiniformes Bertin & Arambourg, 1958, incertae sedis [para?]
(Order) Zeiformes Regan, 1909
(Suborder) Cottoidei
(Suborder) Zoarcoidei

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