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Bulletin of the United States National Museum. Smithsonian Institution, United States National Museum.

Series volumes

  1. 1882. No. 19, (26 Apr) 1882: [I]-XXI, [1]-376, [1]-340.
  2. Allen, H., 1893. A monograph of the bats of North America: 14-29.
  3. Jordan, D.S. & Evermann, B.W., 1896. The Fishes of North and Middle America: Descriptive catalogue of the species of fish-like vertebrates found in the waters of North America, north of the Isthmus of Panama, Part I: [I]-LX, 1-1240.
  4. Dyar, H.G., 1902. A List of North American Lepidoptera and Key to the Literature of this Order of Insects: [I]-XIX, 1-723.
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