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Reference: C.H. Persoon, 1801b
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Persoon, C.H. 1801b. Pars Secunda. Syn. Meth. Fung.. Henricum Dieterich, Gottingae [Göttingen], [31 Dec] 1801: [241]-706, Index (2 pp.). [Online]

New Names and Combinations: Original name, rank, combination & spelling

Agaricus sect. Coprinus (Section) Pers. (1801)Page: 395 ("Sectio Qvinta", "Coprinvs"); Consp. (p. XVI).
Agaricus sect. Cortinaria (Section) Pers. (1801)Page: 276 ("Sectio Secvnda"); Consp. (p. XVI).
Agaricus sect. Gymnopus (Section) Pers. (1801)Page: 302 ("Sectio Tertia", "Gymnopvs"); Consp. (p. XVI).
Agaricus sect. Lactifluus (Section) Pers. (1801)Page: 429 ("Sectio Septima", "Lactiflvvs"); Consp. (p. XVI).
Agaricus sect. Omphalia (Section) Pers. (1801)Page: 447 ("Sectio Nona"); Consp. (p. XVI).
Agaricus sect. Pratella (Section) Pers. (1801)Page: 417 ("Sectio Sexta"); Consp. (p. XVI).
Boletus [unranked] Polyporus ([unranked]) Pers. (1801)Page: 549 ("D", "Polyporvs"); Consp. (p. XVII).
Merulius [unranked] Cantharellus ([unranked]) Pers. (1801)Page: 488 ("*", "Cantharellvs"); Consp. (p. XVII).
Merulius [unranked] Gomphus ([unranked]) Pers. (1801)Page: 498 ("***", "Gomphvs"); Consp. (p. XVII).
Merulius [unranked] Merulius ([unranked]) Pers. (1801)Page: 493 ("**", "Merulius" [in page header]).
Merulius [unranked] Serpula ([unranked]) Pers. (1801)Page: 496 ("***", "Serpvla"); Consp. (p. XVII).
Monilia [unranked] Aspergillus ([unranked]) P. Micheli ex Pers. (1801)Page: 692 ("**", "Aspergillvs"); Consp. (p. XIX).
Sistotrema [unranked] Xylodon ([unranked]) Pers. (1801)Page: 552 ("***", "(Xylodon)"); Consp. (p. XVII).
Thelephora [unranked] Corticium ([unranked]) Pers. (1801)Page: 573 ("c", "Corticivm", "Corticium" [in page header]); Consp. (p. XVIII).
Thelephora [unranked] Stereum ([unranked]) Pers. (1801)Page: 566 ("b", "Sterevm"); Consp. (p. XVIII).

New Names and Combinations: Subsequent name (orig. rank, comb. & spell.)

Boletus [unranked] Poria ([unranked]) Pers. (1801)Page: 542 ("C"); Consp. (p. XVII).

New Names and Combinations: Subsequent rank (orig. comb. & spell.)

Agaricus sect. Russula (Section) (Pers.) Pers. (1801)Page: 438 ("Sectio Octava", "Rvssvla"); Consp. (p. XVII).
Boletus [unranked] Fistulina ([unranked]) (Bull.) Pers. (1801)Page: 549 ("E", "Fistvlina"); Consp. (p. XVII).
Hydnum [unranked] Hericium ([unranked]) (Pers.) Pers. (1801)Page: 563 ("D", "Hericivm"); Consp. (p. XVII).
Hydnum [unranked] Odontia ([unranked]) (Pers.) Pers. (1801)Page: 560 ("***"); Consp. (p. XVII).
Monilia [unranked] Torula ([unranked]) (Pers.) Pers. (1801)Page: 693 ("***", "Torvla"); Consp. (p. XIX).
Peziza [unranked] Solenia ([unranked]) (Pers.) Pers. (1801)Page: 675 ("G"); Consp. (p. XIX).
Peziza [unranked] Stictis ([unranked]) (Pers.) Pers. (1801)Page: 674 ("F"); Consp. (p. XIX).
Thelephora [unranked] Craterella ([unranked]) (Pers.) Pers. (1801)Page: 565 ("a"); Consp. (p. XVIII).

New Names and Combinations: Subsequent rank within genus (orig. comb. & spell.)

Agaricus sect. Lepiota (Section) (Pers.) Pers. (1801)Page: 257 ("Sectio Prima"); Consp. (p. XVI).
Agaricus sect. Mycena (Section) (Pers.) Pers. (1801)Page: 375 ("Sectio Qvarta"); Consp. (p. XVI).
Agaricus sect. Pleuropus (Section) (Pers.) Pers. (1801)Page: 472 ("Sectio Decima", "Plevropvs"); Consp. (p. XVI).
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