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Reference: E.N. Kurochkin, 1996
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Kurochkin, E.N. 1996. A new enantiornithid of the Mongolian Late Cretaceous, and a general appraisal of the infraclass Enantiornithes (Aves). Palaeontological Institute, Moscow: 50 pp..

New: Original name

Concornithidae (Family) Kurochkin, 1996Page: 30, 49 ("n. fam.").
Euornithiformes (Order) Kurochkin, 1996Page: 3, 30, 49 ("n. ord.").
Lenesornis (Genus) Kurochkin, 1996Page: 26 ("n. gen.").
Nanantius valifanovi (Species) Kurochkin, 1996Page: 3, 49 ("n. sp.").

Original Classification (root)

(Class) Aves Linnaeus, 1758

Original Classification (new taxon)

(Order) †Euornithiformes n. ord.
(Family) †Concornithidae n. fam.
(Genus) †Lenesornis n. gen.
Nanantius valifanovi n. sp.

Original Classification (new combination)

Lenesornis maltshevskyi (Nessov, 1986)

Original Classification (new position)

(Genus) †Boluochia Zhou, 1995
(Genus) †Cathayornis Zhow, Jin & Zhang, 1992
(Genus) †Concornis Sanz & Buscalioni, 1992
(Genus) †Iberomesornis Sanz & Bonaparte, 1992
(Genus) †Noguerornis Lacasa-Ruiz, 1989
(Genus) †Sinornis

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