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Reference: B. Edvardsen et al., 2000. Phycologia 39 (1)
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Edvardsen, B., Eikrem, W., Green, J.C., Moon-van der Staay, S.Y. & Medlin, L.K. 2000. Phylogenetic reconstructions of the Haptophyta inferred from 18S ribosomal DNA sequences and available morphological data. Phycologia 39 (1), Jan 2000: 19-35.

New: Original name, rank & spelling

Haptophyta (Division) D.J. Hibberd ex Edvardsen & Eikrem (2000)Page: 26 ("Division ... D.J. Hibberd ex Edvardsen et Eikrem, nom. descr.").

New: Subsequent sense (redefinition)

Isochrysidales (Order) Pascher sensu Edvardsen & Eikrem (2000)Page: 29 ("Pascher, 1910, emend. Edvardsen et Eikrem").
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