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Person: L.K. Medlin
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L.K. Medlin (Linda)
Standard form: Medlin


Edvardsen, B., Eikrem, W., Green, J.C., Andersen, R.A., Moon-van der Staay, S.Y. & Medlin, L.K., 2000. Phylogenetic reconstructions of the Haptophyta inferred from 18S ribosomal DNA sequences and available morphological data. Phycologia 39 (1), Jan 2000: 19-35.
Medlin, L.K. & Kaczmarska, I., 2004. Evolution of the diatoms: V. Morphological and cytological support for the major clades and a taxonomic revision. Phycologia 43 (3), 28 May 2004: 245-270.
Sims, P.A., Mann, D.G. & Medlin, L.K., 2006. Evolution of the diatoms: insights from fossil, biological and molecular data. Phycologia 45 (4), 5 Jul 2006: 361–402.
Seenivasan, R., Sausen, N., Medlin, L.K. & Melkonian, M., 2013. Picomonas judraskeda Gen. Et Sp. Nov.: The First Identified Member of the Picozoa Phylum Nov., a Widespread Group of Picoeukaryotes, Formerly Known as 'Picobiliphytes'. PLoS ONE 8 (3) e59565, 26 Mar 2013: 1-18.
Medlin, L.K., 2016. Opinion: Can coalescent models explain deep divergences in the diatoms and argue for the acceptance of paraphyletic taxa at all taxonomic hierarchies? Nova Hedwigia 102 (1-2), Feb 2016: 107-128.


Medlin, L.K., 2009. Diatoms (Bacillariophyta). In S.B. Hedges & S. Kumar (eds.), The Timetree of Life: (127)-130.


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