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Reference: L.K. Medlin, 2016. Nova Hedwigia 102 (1-2)
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Medlin, L.K. 2016. Opinion: Can coalescent models explain deep divergences in the diatoms and argue for the acceptance of paraphyletic taxa at all taxonomic hierarchies?. Nova Hedwigia 102 (1-2), Feb 2016: 107-128. [Online: 21 Sep 2015] [Online]

New Names and Combinations: Original name

Uneidophycidae (Subclass) Medlin (2016)Page: fig. 4.
Urneidophycidae (Subclass) Medlin (2016)Page: 122. ("Medlin subclass nov.").

New Names and Combinations: Subsequent spelling

Neofragillaria (Genus) Medlin (2016)Page: 123.

Original Classification (root)

(Division) Bacillariophyta Engler & Gilg (1924)

Original Classification (new taxon)

(Subclass) Urneidophycidae Medlin subclass nov.

Original Classification (new position)

(Genus) Asterionellopsis
(Genus) Asteroplanus
(Genus) Delphineis
(Genus) Dimmeregramma
(Genus) Neofragillaria
(Genus) Plagiogramma
(Genus) Psammoneis
(Genus) Pseudostriatella
(Genus) Rhaphoneis
(Genus) Striatella
(Genus) Talaroneis

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