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Reference: R. Kerr, 1792
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Kerr, R. 1792. The Animal Kingdom, or Zoological System, of the celebrated Sir Charles Linnæus; being a translation of that part of the Systema Naturæ, as lately published, with great improvements, By Professor Gmelin of Goettingen. - Together with numerous additions from more recent zoological writers, and illustrated with copperplates. A. Strahan & T. Cadell, London; and W. Creech, Edinburgh, (Feb) 1792: [i]-xii, [1]-644.


  1. Kerr, R., 1792. Class I. Mammalia: containing a complete Systematic Description, Arrangement, and Nomenclature, of all the known Species and Varieties of the Mammalia, or Animals which give suck to their young, (Feb) 1792: 27 unno. pp., [33]-400.
  2. Kerr, R., 1792. Class II. Birds, (Feb) 1792: [401]-644.



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