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Reference: *systema naturae*
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Linnaeus, C., 1735. Systema naturae, sive Regna tria naturae. Systematice proposita per Classes, Ordines, Genera, & Species. Lugduni Batavorum, Apud Theodorum Haak..
Linnaeus, C., 1748. Systema naturae, sistens Regna tria naturae, in Classes et Ordines, Genera et Species. Editio Sexta, Emendata et Aucta.. Stockholmiae, Impensis Godofr. Kiesewetteri.: 1-224.
Multi-volume works
Linnaeus, C., 1758-1759. Systema naturae per regna tria naturae, secundum classes, ordines, genera, species, cum characteribus, differentiis, synonymis, locis. Editio decima, reformata. Holmiae [Stockholm], Laurentii Salvii.
a Linné, C., 1766-1768. Systema Naturae. Editio Duodecima, Reformata. Impensis Direct. Laurentii Salvii, Holmiæ.
Brands, S.J. (ed.), 1989-present. Systema Naturae 2000. The Taxonomicon. Universal Taxonomic Services, Zwaag, The Netherlands.
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