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Taxon: Subphylum Mucoromycotina Benny (2007) (fungus)


SN2000 author citation G.L. Benny, in D.S. Hibbett et al., 2007
Subsequent rank (orig. spell.) Hibbett, D.S., Binder, M., Bischoff, J.F., Blackwell, M., Cannon, P.F., Eriksson, O.E., Huhndorf, S., James, T., Kirk, P.M., Lücking, R., Lumbsch, H.T., Lutzoni, F., Matheny, P.B., McLaughlin, D.J., Powell, M.J., Redhead, S., Schoch, C.L. et al. 2007. Mycological Research 111: 517 ("Benny, subphylum nov.").
Description/Diagnosis in Latin loc. cit.
Description/Diagnosis in English loc. cit.


Automatically typified subtaxon of [ICBN/ICN, 2012: Art. 16.2 (>genus)]Mucoromycota (Phylum) Doweld (2001) Ref: N.N. Wijayawardene et al., 2018: 52. [inferred]
Type, by original designationMucor (Genus) Fresen. (1850), nom. cons. Ref: D.S. Hibbett et al., 2007: 517. [new]


In (p.p.)Zygomycota (Phylum) Moreau (1954)
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