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Paraphyletic taxon: Order †Dinosauria Owen, 1841 - dinosaurs (dinosaur)


SN2000 author citation R. Owen, 1841
Original name, rank & spelling Owen, R. 1841. Richard and John E. Taylor, London: 190; 103 ("tribe or sub-order").
Isonym: name, rank & spelling Owen, R. 1842. Rep. Brit. Assoc. Adv. Sci. 11: 190; 103 ("tribe or sub-order").


Greek (adj.) δεινός, -ή, -όν, fearfully great. Ref: R. Owen, 1841: 103 (footnote).
Greek (subst. masc.) σαύρος (gen.: σαύρου), a lizard. Ref: R. Owen, 1841: 103 (footnote).


Current clade-based nameDinosauria (Clade) Owen 1842 [Langer, Novas, Bittencourt, Ezcurra & Gauthier 2020] Ref: M.C. Langer et al., 2020: [1209]. [inferred]
Different rankDinosauria (Superorder) Owen, 1841

Vernacular Names (English)

Full namedinosaurs
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