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Taxon: Order Agaricales Underw. (1899) (fungus)


Original name Underw., 1899. Moulds, Mildews Mushrooms: 97.


Automatically typified subtaxon of [ICBN/ICN, 2012: Art. 16.2 (>genus)]Agaricomycetidae (Subclass) Locquin ex Parmasto (1986)
Automatically typified subtaxon [ICBN/ICN, 2012: Art. 16.2 (>genus)]Agaricaceae (Family) Chevall. (1826)


IncludingAphyllophorales (Order) Ref: R.L. Shaffer, 1982: 249.
IncludingBoletales (Order) E.-J. Gilbert (1931)
IncludingCortinariales (Order)
IncludingFistulinales (Order)
IncludingLycoperdales (Order)
IncludingNidulariales (Order)
IncludingPodaxales (Order)
IncludingPolyporales (Order) Gäum., 1926, incertae sedis Ref: R.L. Shaffer, 1982: 249.
IncludingSchizophyllales (Order)
IncludingTulostomatales (Order)

Vernacular Names (Dutch)

Full nameplaatzwammen Ref: 1989
plaatjeszwammen Ref: 1989
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