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Monotypic taxon: Family Sclerogastraceae Locq. ex P.M. Kirk (2008) (fungus)


SN2000 author citation Locq. ex P.M. Kirk, in P.M. Kirk et al. (eds.), 2008
Unavailable original name Locq., 1974. De Taxia Fung. 1A: 48.
Original name, rank & spelling Kirk, P.M., Cannon, P.F., Minter, D.W. & Stalpers, J.A. (eds.) 2008. Dict. Fungi (ed. 10): x ("Locq. ex P.M. Kirk, fam. nov.").


Validating description/diagnosisSclerogaster (Genus) R. Hesse (1891) Ref: P.M. Kirk et al. (eds.), 2008: x ("with the characters of Sclerogaster sensu Saccardo, Syll. fung. (Abellini) 11: 169 (1895) [q.v. for Latin diagnosis]"). [new]


Type, by original designationSclerogaster (Genus) R. Hesse (1891) Ref: P.M. Kirk et al. (eds.), 2008: x. [new]


Not validly published nameSclerogastraceae (Family) Locq. (1974), nom. inval. Ref: P.M. Kirk et al. (eds.), 2008: x. [new]
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