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Taxon: Family Ophichthidae Günther, 1870 - snake eels and worm eels (fish)


Nominotypical taxon [ICZN]Ophichthinae (Subfamily)
TypeOphichthys (Genus) Swainson, 1839


IncludingAoteidae (Family) Phillipps, 1926 Ref: R.A. Fritzsche, 1982: 866.
IncludingEchelidae (Family) Rafinesque, 1815 Ref: R.A. Fritzsche, 1982: 866.
IncludingNeenchelyidae (Family) Bamber, 1915 Ref: Anonymous, 1995

Vernacular Names (Dutch)

Full nameslangalen Ref: B. Grzimek (ed.), 1973-1975

Vernacular Names (English)

Full namesnake eels and worm eels Ref: W.N. Eschmeyer, 1998: 2453.
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