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Taxon: Family Clupeidae Cuvier, 1817 - herrings, shads, sardines and allies (fish)


Nominotypical taxon ofClupeoidei (Suborder) Rafinesque, 1810
Nominotypical taxon [ICZN]Clupeinae (Subfamily) Ref: J.S. Nelson, 2006: 133. [implicit]
TypeClupea (Genus) Linnaeus, 1758


IncludingDussumieriidae (Family)
IncludingPristigasteridae (Family) Ref: W.N. Eschmeyer, 2004-2016: 24 Jan 2006.

Vernacular Names (Dutch)

Full nameharingen Ref: B. Grzimek (ed.), 1973-1975

Vernacular Names (English)

Full nameherrings, shads, sardines and allies Ref: W.N. Eschmeyer, 1998: 2454.
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